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Matador features and supports people and projects around the world committed to activism whether it’s social justice, human rights, environmental conservation, or an ever increasing number of issues facing communities.

While some question the place for “politics” in a media network dedicated to travel, we believe it’s all connected, and that without having at least a working knowledge of the current issues and political history of the places we live and visit, our experiences are not as rich, not as informed, not as connected at ground level as they could be.

America’s “War on Drugs” is a catastrophic boondoggle.
This list will make you think differently about the common weed enthusiast.
BATs. They're basically large balloons with wind turbines in them.
It's shocking and in your face. And boy does it hit home.
Stunning portraits of survival, love, and resilience.
100% of those “dreams” are material possessions. Is that worth dreaming?
The voices of women and people of color matter. Their stories deserve to be told.
Girl, please. That’s not your body. You don't get to decide what it does for money.
I lived in Lima for three years and for the last two there was literally an earthquake...
Putin and China considered their Olympics to be a public relations coup.
Homophobia is a giant bureaucracy of hate.
Why is it acceptable for a university to choose such an ill-fitting leader?
Horse racing doesn't exist for the benefit of the animal. We're not doing them a favour...
National Geographic announced future maps will place Crimea in Russia.
Do you know the abortion laws where you're living / traveling?
Watch this behind-the-scenes film to learn more about what went into the making of this...
Sometimes the march of progress requires a shield.
I never thought that the lifestyle I lead contributed to this abuse of human rights.
This would be a good way to get some aggression out, and help at the same time.