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Matador features and supports people and projects around the world committed to activism whether it’s social justice, human rights, environmental conservation, or an ever increasing number of issues facing communities.

While some question the place for “politics” in a media network dedicated to travel, we believe it’s all connected, and that without having at least a working knowledge of the current issues and political history of the places we live and visit, our experiences are not as rich, not as informed, not as connected at ground level as they could be.

Activism + Politics Articles

Mexico’s 13-year-old genius

by Jan-Albert Hootsen

Most students take time off to travel. At this high school, classes ARE travel.

by Amanda Machado

7 tips for women travelling in India

by Mariellen Ward

English speakers are discriminated against in Montreal. Here’s how it happens.

by Claire Litton-Cohn

5 heroes working to empower women around the world

by Doree Simon

Can America’s gun problems be fixed? The rest of the world might know the answer.

by Matt Hershberger

5 things social media is getting wrong about the refugee crisis

by Amanda Machado

7 underground heroes creating positive change in California

by Paige Smith

This Brazilian artist takes women’s scars from abuse and turns them into beautiful tattoos

by Amanda Froelich

Traveling made me rethink America’s abortion stigma. The #ShoutYourAbortion movement now hopes to do the same.

by Amanda Machado

This is how climate change transformed Mongolia

by Morgane Croissant

24 interesting facts about the world’s least known countries

by Atlas & Boots

Here’s what’s going on with New Zealand’s flag debate, and the underlying themes that go along with it

by Elen Turner

These tents could be the future of refugee camps around the world

by Morgane Croissant

Feeling hopeless watching the refugee crisis unfold on the news? Here’s how you can help.

by Amanda Machado

Mumbai tried enforcing a 4-day meat ban. Here’s why it didn’t go well.

by Nimisha Jaiswal

This is how Facebook helps Syrian refugees get to Europe

by Riham Kusa

Why rich Indian landowners are rioting to be seen as oppressed

by Nimisha Jaiswal
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