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Matador features and supports people and projects around the world committed to activism whether it’s social justice, human rights, environmental conservation, or an ever increasing number of issues facing communities.

While some question the place for “politics” in a media network dedicated to travel, we believe it’s all connected, and that without having at least a working knowledge of the current issues and political history of the places we live and visit, our experiences are not as rich, not as informed, not as connected at ground level as they could be.

Activism + Politics Articles

These images show the naturalness of breastfeeding all over the world. So why is it still stigmatized? Let’s #CelebrateBreastfeeding.

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan

7 ways to avoid sweatshops and still dress like a boss

by Tylea Richard

It’s official. Earth just had its hottest month ever recorded

by Timothy McGrath

Breastfeeding is the universal way we nurture. Here’s how formula companies are breaking that apart.

by Shannon Dell

Delta Airlines bans big game hunting trophies

by TakePart

I’m pretty and I travel solo. Here’s why it’s a struggle.

by Alyssa Ramos

10 quotes from a Sioux Indian Chief that will make you question everything about modern culture

by Wisdom Pills

France has always been seen as a sexually-liberated country. Here’s what the LGBT community has to say about it.

by Brenna Daldorph

5 climate change nightmares that are already becoming reality in 2015

by Alex Scola

Amnesty International is about to make sex trafficking easier, worldwide

by Swanee Hunt

This woman’s body was photoshopped 18 times in different countries to examine global beauty ideals

by Ailsa Ross

Angry about Cecil the Lion? You’re going about it all wrong.

by Matt Hershberger

14 of the greatest things Tennessee has given us (plus 2 horrible ones)

by Shannon Dell

Which badass female traveler are you? [QUIZ]

by Matt Hershberger

It’s official: Mount McKinley has been re-named to Denali

by Lindsey Parkinson

The EU’s migration crisis explained in 6 tragic facts

by Allison Jackson

14 things travelers wrongly assume about Thailand

by Casey O'Connell

Can Millennials bring change to Singapore’s “nanny state?”

by Tom Benner
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