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Matador features and supports people and projects around the world committed to activism whether it’s social justice, human rights, environmental conservation, or an ever increasing number of issues facing communities.

While some question the place for “politics” in a media network dedicated to travel, we believe it’s all connected, and that without having at least a working knowledge of the current issues and political history of the places we live and visit, our experiences are not as rich, not as informed, not as connected at ground level as they could be.

Activism + Politics Articles

Google’s year-in-review video will give you serious chills

by Matt Hershberger

Americans involved in fatal bus crash in Panama

by Carlo Alcos

Dear America: If you love kids, let your schools show your affection

by Tim Walker

Emotional outpouring of political cartoons from around the world in honor of Charlie Hebdo [Gallery]

by Morgane Croissant

This map shows how ridiculously many prisoners there are in each US state

by Simran Khosla

6 New Year’s resolutions we should take to enact social change

by Juliana Bilowich

Inside Charlie Hebdo: The Paris attack targeted paper that mocked fundamentalists

by Paul Ames

I have never known a Cuba that wasn’t blockaded

by Sandra Alvarez

Here’s one reason Southeast Asia’s skies are getting so chaotic

by Patrick Winn

Ebola has now killed a third of the world’s gorilla and chimpanzee populations

by Allison Jackson

#FreedomOfSpeech: What that means in the US, Britain, and France

by Corinne Purtill

On freedom in America: Three decades of New Years

by Nellie Barg

Uruguay’s year in weed: 3 big successes, 3 burning questions

by Will Carless

A world tour: the LGBT traveler’s wish list for the New Year

by Juliana Bilowich

Think it’s just Putin who runs Russia? Guess again

by Dan Peleschuk

3456 Feet: How one snowboarder minimizes his CO2 footprint and still finds the freshies

by Ride Greener

10 most irreplaceable ecosystems on Earth

by Timothy McGrath

Remembering the 17 victims of the Paris attacks

by Allison Jackson
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