Activism + Politics

Matador features and supports people and projects around the world committed to activism whether it’s social justice, human rights, environmental conservation, or an ever increasing number of issues facing communities.

While some question the place for “politics” in a media network dedicated to travel, we believe it’s all connected, and that without having at least a working knowledge of the current issues and political history of the places we live and visit, our experiences are not as rich, not as informed, not as connected at ground level as they could be.

Activism + Politics Articles

Essential packing list for protesters

by Michelle Schusterman

You say you’re a compassionate Trump voter? Now’s your chance to prove it.

by Jacqueline Kehoe

Standing Rock: don’t just raise your fist, know the facts

by Matt Koller

What you need to know about Canada’s new pipeline projects

by Carlo Alcos

This is why Standing Rock has galvanized protestors around the country

by Matt Koller

One American expat’s view of the 2016 US election outcome

by Ann Benjamin

I’m Cuban-American. Here’s how I feel about Castro, Trump, and what history tells us.

by Monica Santos

Places to see before they’re overly impacted by climate change

by Atlas & Boots

10 expat moms share their stories of breastfeeding abroad

by Jennifer Malia

The newest way to treat depression? Science says shrooms.

by Cathy Brown

The 11 cities best addressing climate change

by Ali Wunderman

How one airline made flying while fat even worse

by Alysse Dalessandro

Coming soon to Colorado: Hunter Thompson’s private weed strain

by Tim Wenger

A deeper look at “ethical” travel

by Kim Malcolm

6 things millennials can do in response to this election

by Amanda Machado

Watch: This video beautifully shows the spread of humanity over time

by Matt Hershberger

WATCH: Vancouver tourists get caught on a runaway horse carriage

by Carlo Alcos

Living lesbian in Trump’s America: how life has already changed

by April Ryder
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