Climate Change

As travelers, we have the opportunity not only to observe but give voice to locals’ observations about how climate change is affecting places around the world.

At Matador you’ll find coverage of climate change summits and ground level narratives from communities and places affected.

Climate Change Articles

Watch this dude shred the NYC blizzard right through Times Square

by Colin Heinrich

The United States is the only country where climate change denial is still broadly accepted. Here’s why.

by Matt Hershberger

Palm oil is in everything and it’s killing rain forests, endangered species and people. Here’s how.

by Nicholas Burns

Noam Chomsky just called out the US Republican Party as ‘a danger to human survival.’ Here’s why he’s right.

by Colin Heinrich

A new report ranks the “greenest countries.” The US ranking is embarrassing.

by Matt Hershberger

It’s official: 2015 was the warmest year on record

by Matt Hershberger

Wanna know how climate change is affecting our shorelines? Visit San Francisco this weekend

by Rulo Luna

Meet the father and son who’ve done something about the West’s looming water crisis.

by Emily Nuchols

Why climate change means we’re going to get more outbreaks like Zika

by Matt Hershberger

Watch: Environmentalism is a racial justice issue, too

by Matt Hershberger

WATCH: climate change just turned Bolivia’s second largest lake into a desert

by Emma Thieme

What people get wrong about climate change

by Amanda Machado

10 reasons I blew off another winter for Guatemala and Belize

by Brynn Utela

China’s new approach to fighting smog? Giant water cannons.

by Matt Hershberger

Here are the states that are the best at pushing for clean energy

by Matt Hershberger

One of the world’s worst polluters isn’t who you’d expect

by Patrick Winn

As Beijing’s smog gets worse, residents are buying bottled Canadian air by the canister

by Matt Hershberger

A quick and easy guide to the Paris climate deal

by Simeon Tegel
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