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As a community of travelers worldwide, Matador finds both US drug laws and international drug policies to be an important part of our ongoing conversation.

Of particular interest is the US “war on drugs” and its socio-political repercussions across the Americas.

There are no secrets anymore, now that everything is legal and on video.
Our guides seemed ever-so-slightly uncomfortable with our discovery of their special...
It’s Colorado vs. Washington: “Clash of the Tokers.”
A few of my bunkmates were going to a “coffeeshop.” Did I want to come?
If you're still for the War on Drugs, you should watch this video.
Journalists overlook mortality rates of MDMA as they compare with other, legal drugs.
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Uruguay passed a bill that would create the world's first legal, regulated marijuana...
The real story to me is how legalization advances America’s cultural narrative.
VICE journeys through Mexico to report on Mexican drug cartels, guns, drugs, murder,...
The realities of mass incarceration in the "era of colorblindness."
Get ready for upcoming changes in the Netherlands Drug Laws.
If heroin became legal today, would you run out the door to score your first hit?
More evidence that treatment beats incarceration when it comes to drug crimes.
One toke over the line: Will it get you time, a fine or worse?
Nutt famously stated that "the dangers of Ecstasy are no greater than those of...
Deep in a remote Cambodian rainforest, criminals are setting up illegal factories to...
Mexico decriminalizes personal possession.
Let's stop for a second and look at this purely by the numbers.
From Australia to Macedonia, here's the breakdown of where smoking is accepted, and where...
Rick Steves takes on the backwards pot laws in a new interview.