Whether we’re students, teachers, or parents, we’re all in some way affected by legislation on education.

Of particular interest to us at Matador is the way both public and private education are implemented in other countries and cultures, and how we can learn from other models to improve education in our local communities.

Education Articles

To my kids: Here’s why I couldn’t care less if you go to college

by Cathy Brown

Educated in the US? You mostly learned about white, Christian history and art. Here’s what you missed

by Amanda Machado

In Siem Reap you get hit up by begging kids all the time. Here’s how I dealt with it

by Rebecca Bellan

Bernie Sanders wants the US to be more like Sweden. Could it work?

by Jason Margolis

You won’t believe what this Bernie supporter does to prove he feels the BERN

by Blaze Nowara

Kids in the Pacific Northwest are going to “outdoor” preschools. Here’s why we need more.

by Erik Neumann

4 nonprofits creating positive change in Portland

by Ingrid McQuivey

5 ways to parent like a German

by Katka Lapelosová

7 organizations transforming society in India

by Sarah Canning

The 10 strangest schools from around the world

by Morgane Croissant

The joy of Finnish kindergartens will make you question how kids learn in the US

by Tim Walker

5 heroes working to empower women around the world

by Doree Simon

Mexico’s 13-year-old genius

by Jan-Albert Hootsen

Most students take time off to travel. At this high school, classes ARE travel.

by Amanda Machado

What I’m learning about schooling as an American parent in France

by Rebeca Plantier

This traveling family decided to settle down for their daughter’s first year in school. Here’s why.

by Morgane Croissant

Can African countries reverse the continent’s devastating brain drain?

by Erin Conway-Smith

America’s language skills suck and here’s why

by Morgane Croissant
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