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Whether we’re students, teachers, or parents, we’re all in some way affected by legislation on education.

Of particular interest to us at Matador is the way both public and private education are implemented in other countries and cultures, and how we can learn from other models to improve education in our local communities.

Why is it acceptable for a university to choose such an ill-fitting leader?
This would be a good way to get some aggression out, and help at the same time.
Our travels are planned on maps, then executed with them, and then commemorated by them.
The sun has set on the British Empire, but not on the British Commonwealth.
For 13 years, Ghetto Film School has been turning kids in the South Bronx into...
The tour is intended to shift the focus from what’s wrong in education to what’s...
Imagine an idea hive. A home for heretics, outliers, nonconformists, and innovationaries.
At this point, there are few of us who don’t know how to handle the tear gas.
I'm not particularly overjoyed when it comes to force feeding children.
20% of revenue generated from the Adventure Shield-Matador partnership will fund a...
Don't opt for a lifestyle that will make you miserable.
Project:Interaction brings design-thinking into schools.
JC Penney launches back to school line, sets women's movement back decades.
There are no cars on the main street in Santiago today.
Perry sides against science / statistics, promotes abstinence-based 'education'.
High school students should know all their options.
Mechanical pencil stocks plummet, mechanical humans up 20%.
One country steps up to give relief to the environment.
Online education tutorials that are easy to use and, best of all, free.
Haiti's first film school is taking off in the country's artistic capital.
THINK Global School doesn't just say, "The world is your classroom." The world actually...
5 of our favorite green schools in the US.
Crazy US scholarships? There's something for everybody, even nudists and cheese...
Think Napoleon was short, Gutenberg invented the printing press, and the sea is blue...
You can't really be a global citizen until you get out of the classroom and on the...