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Healthcare is one of the most important, and yet disparate elements of societies around the world.

As travelers we often need access to healthcare on the road, and end up coming away with new perspectives on healthcare via our experiences of how healthcare systems work in other states or countries.

These ground level experiences and perspectives help inform our ongoing conversation on how healthcare can be improved around the world.

Healthcare Articles

Here’s why one woman from Mississippi is walking 1000 miles to Capitol Hill bare chested

by Cathy Brown

Don’t let the cancer be you

by Mary Sojourner

As more abortion clinics close in the US, here’s what women wanting to abort are doing

by Cathy Brown

There’s only one country in the world that offers the same health care to illegal migrant workers as they do nationals

by Cathy Brown

Here’s what happens when women are punished for having abortions

by Maria Murriel and Joyce Hackel

Why are Thailand’s monks so fat they need to wear special girdles?

by Allison Jackson

Everyone is talking about Zika. But here’s what you need to know about Lassa Fever virus

by Cathy Brown

This Republican never supported President Obama — until Obamacare saved his life

by Amanda Machado

How travel helped me deal with mental health issues

by Sian Ferguson

Would you actually use this new condom made from this material?

by Cathy Brown

Most Americans aren’t pro-choice or pro-life, but something in between. If that’s you, watch this video.

by Amanda Machado

If you think vaping is a safe alternative to cigarettes, read this

by Katie Scott Aiton

Why the US has the most expensive (and least effective) healthcare system in the world

by Joanna Kalafatis

I’ve spent 10 years battling a fractured healthcare system. Changing this one thing would help me (and millions of Americans)

by Jacqueline Parks

The Big Island of Hawaii is in a state of emergency from dengue fever. Here’s what travelers need to know.

by Matt Hershberger

Bernie Sanders wants the US to be more like Sweden. Could it work?

by Jason Margolis

You won’t believe what this Bernie supporter does to prove he feels the BERN

by Blaze Nowara

Zika: Yet another reason to practice safe sex during Carnaval

by Matt Hershberger
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