Healthcare is one of the most important, and yet disparate elements of societies around the world.

As travelers we often need access to healthcare on the road, and end up coming away with new perspectives on healthcare via our experiences of how healthcare systems work in other states or countries.

These ground level experiences and perspectives help inform our ongoing conversation on how healthcare can be improved around the world.

Healthcare Articles

Why travelers shouldn’t be panicking about Ebola

by Matt Hershberger

“Blind Guy” has awesome fashion sense and perspective on life

by Matt Hershberger

5 things you can do to combat ALS (besides the Ice Bucket Challenge)

by Katka Lapelosa

“Without Tits There Is No Paradise”

by Jono Cusack

On healthcare as an inalienable human right: One doctor’s story from Haiti

by Vince DeGennaro

It’s official: Americans hate Obamacare, whatever that is

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What the ACA and government shutdown mean to this traveler

by Turner Wright

Waveborn: The TOMS Shoes of ophthalmology

by Austin Yoder

A new kind of gangsta in South Central LA

by Carlo Alcos

Photo essay: The decline of traditional midwifery in rural Mexico

by Nikhol EsterĂ¡s Roberts

Hey Bill and Melinda Gates, you should fund this project

by Emily Hanssen Arent

Proposed smoking bans are going too far

by Anne Merritt

Sexual health campaign goes too far?

by Anne Merritt

Will graphic photos deter smokers?

by Abbie Mood

Are our donation dollars actually being used for cancer research?

by Candice Walsh

Health care around the world

by Julie Schwietert

Fight leprosy. Fight stigma.

by Neha

Share your stories and resources for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Leigh Shulman
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