Women’s Rights

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10 things women in their 30s are tired of hearing

by Claire Litton-Cohn

Watch: the subtle sexism women deal with daily that men never have to face

by Morgane Croissant

In huge win for human rights, Zimbabwe bans child marriage

by Matt Hershberger

These Mexican women fight street harassment with confettis and punk rock

by Morgane Croissant

Here are the best countries for women in terms of gender equality.

by Atlas & Boots

This homeless guy’s sign exposes everything that’s wrong about men’s expectations of sex.

by Elisa Coll

The land of no men: Inside Kenya’s women-only village

by Amanda Machado

For a brief moment this week, the Senate was made up entirely of women

by Matt Hershberger

10 stereotypes about us Eastern European women that need to die

by Dayana Aleksandrova

In Latin America, abortion laws have put many women in danger. Here’s how.

by Amanda Machado

What the Wrestling Cholita can teach us about discrimination in Bolivia

by Carlo Alcos

Japan doesn’t stop married women from keeping their names. It just makes it really, really hard

by Erin Conway-Smith

6 things traveling women have to deal with that traveling men don’t

by Michelle Tanaka

Why we must end human safaris

by Mark Hay

Beryl Markham: The first woman to fly west across the Atlantic solo…and a total badass to boot

by Ailsa Ross

How to piss off an American woman abroad

by Eileen Cotter Wright

Brazil’s shocking violence against women in 5 charts

by Will Carless

Vile tweets and spiking femicides: It’s a tough time to be a woman in Brazil

by Will Carless
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