Women’s Rights

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Mexico’s 13-year-old genius

by Jan-Albert Hootsen

7 tips for women travelling in India

by Mariellen Ward

This Brazilian artist takes women’s scars from abuse and turns them into beautiful tattoos

by Amanda Froelich

Legalized prostitution is a mess. Here’s why it has to happen anyway.

by Matt Hershberger

This woman’s body was photoshopped 18 times in different countries to examine global beauty ideals

by Ailsa Ross

I’m pretty and I travel solo. Here’s why it’s a struggle.

by Alyssa Ramos

These images show the naturalness of breastfeeding all over the world. So why is it still stigmatized? Let’s #CelebrateBreastfeeding.

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan

How Getting Catcalled in Japan Brought Back My Childhood Body Issues

by Louise Hung

Which badass female traveler are you? [QUIZ]

by Matt Hershberger

Amnesty International is about to make sex trafficking easier, worldwide

by Swanee Hunt

The Women’s World Cup is still depressingly sexist

by Matt Hershberger

I’m sick of being seen as a sex toy just because I’m part Asian

by Cecilia Haynes

I wasn’t always a feminist

by Emma Thieme

A Japanese bar has created ‘violent’ drink coasters to stop domestic abuse

by Allison Jackson

How people celebrate Mother’s Day around the world

by Matt Hershberger

Today is the birthday of the most badass woman traveler of all time

by Matt Hershberger

There are more modern-day slaves living in India than anywhere else on Earth

by Mandakini Gahlot

The best countries for women to live in

by Morgane Croissant
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