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The voices of women and people of color matter. Their stories deserve to be told.
Girl, please. That’s not your body. You don't get to decide what it does for money.
Do you know the abortion laws where you're living / traveling?
A reflection for International Women's Day, 2014.
I've chosen to celebrate by attending the first ever Women's Travel Fest.
As if the patriarchy wasn't enough to be mad about already.
I felt uncomfortable watching a man go through many of the same experiences I've had in...
I asked my translator to please tell these women that my heart is with them.
She ran workshops with the goal of empowering women to create a sustainable income.
We've set a goal of donating 100 bikes to the women's cycling program.
That normalizing rhetoric serves nobody who ends up being a ‘baby’ to some...
The audience was encouraged to take a pledge to stamp out this form of violence.
Polish prostitutes work along roadsides that cut through the forests surrounding many...
“You gave him your number? Are you insane?”
I push him away. “This is NOT going to happen!” I yell assertively.
“Hold on to your sister and don’t let anyone take her.”
My understandings of Indian femininity were initially judgmental.
At Matador, we are proud of publishing articles that celebrate strong, groundbreaking...
“Purdah” is a custom in which women are hidden or removed from the culture at large.
Female travelers, be safe. Male travelers, be safe. But more importantly, keep traveling.
Women are often viewed as mere extensions of their men.
Violence remained at a distance, a story told, a finger pointed.