World Events

Every so often an event occurs of such importance that it reshapes the social, cultural, and sometimes physical landscape for travelers, locals, and everyone else.

A couple recent examples from the past months include the revolution in Egypt and the Japanese Tsunami.

Whenever possible, when world changing events occur, Matador will attempt to get a unique perspective from community members on the ground.

World Events Articles

The cartoonists paying a heartbreaking tribute to Paris

by Morgane Croissant

Why death in Beirut does not matter as much as death in Paris

by Joey Ayoub

For those who use the Paris attacks to escalate fear

by Jeremy Ullmann

Open letter to france in the wake of the Calais riots

by Jordan Nadler

7 meaningful ways to spend Black Friday that does not involve shopping

by Morgane Croissant

4 things Canada taught me about the refugee crisis

by Lauren Williams

Facing its worst drought in 30 years, can Ethiopia stop famine this time?

by Arron Reza Merat

Here’s why Russia is wasting no time exploring the Arctic seabed

by Paul Ames

This artist is erasing the US-Mexico border

by Cathy Brown

Tunisians deserved the Nobel Prize but can they keep the peace?

by Tom O'Bryan

This is how Facebook helps Syrian refugees get to Europe

by Riham Kusa

24 interesting facts about the world’s least known countries

by Atlas & Boots

Donating a bike might be the best way to help Europe’s refugee crisis

by Rebecca Cooke

Landmines continue to haunt Cambodia. Here’s how 3D printers are helping stop them.

by Joe Freeman

The EU’s migration crisis explained in 6 tragic facts

by Allison Jackson

Team America: Why only the US can save the world’s heritage sites

by Ronald Lee Fleming and Anthony Flint

Living in Mogadishu used to be “hell.” Here’s what it’s like now.

by Tonny Onyulo

France has always been seen as a sexually-liberated country. Here’s what the LGBT community has to say about it.

by Brenna Daldorph
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