World Events

Every so often an event occurs of such importance that it reshapes the social, cultural, and sometimes physical landscape for travelers, locals, and everyone else.

A couple recent examples from the past months include the revolution in Egypt and the Japanese Tsunami.

Whenever possible, when world changing events occur, Matador will attempt to get a unique perspective from community members on the ground.

World Events Articles

Americans involved in fatal bus crash in Panama

by Carlo Alcos

Drone footage of Auschwitz preserves WWII history in a new way

by Katka Lapelosová

Inside Charlie Hebdo: The Paris attack targeted paper that mocked fundamentalists

by Paul Ames

Ebola has now killed a third of the world’s gorilla and chimpanzee populations

by Allison Jackson

Here’s one reason Southeast Asia’s skies are getting so chaotic

by Patrick Winn

Remembering the 17 victims of the Paris attacks

by Allison Jackson

I have never known a Cuba that wasn’t blockaded

by Sandra Alvarez

Think it’s just Putin who runs Russia? Guess again

by Dan Peleschuk

Google’s year-in-review video will give you serious chills

by Matt Hershberger

7 reasons LGBT travelers can be proud of 2014

by Meg Ten Eyck

20 headlines from 2014 that made us proud to be Vancouverites

by Tony Hajdu

11 moments that made Canadians proud in 2014

by Maryanne Wirkkanen

How Hugo Chavez helped bring the US and Cuba closer together

by Girish Gupta

8 moments that touched Filipino hearts in 2014

by Kate Alvarez

Raul Castro to Obama: Thanks, Barack. Now end the sanctions

by Simeon Tegel

What Obama’s Cuban deal means for American travelers

by Rory Moulton

8 things that made New Yorkers proud in 2014

by Ashley Hufford

Red light jihad: Islamic insurgency in Thailand’s strangest party town

by Patrick Winn
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