World Events

Every so often an event occurs of such importance that it reshapes the social, cultural, and sometimes physical landscape for travelers, locals, and everyone else.

A couple recent examples from the past months include the revolution in Egypt and the Japanese Tsunami.

Whenever possible, when world changing events occur, Matador will attempt to get a unique perspective from community members on the ground.

World Events Articles

6 things Martin Luther King learned through traveling

by Eric Hartman

France just passed a law that would help struggling Americans make ends meet if implemented in the US

by Carlo Alcos

Why many Chinese migrant workers won’t return from the New Year holiday

by Allison Jackson

Latin America dominates 50 most violent cities list, but you might be surprised how many are in the US.

by Simeon Tegel

Direct flights between the US and Iran to resume for the first time in 36 years

by Colin Heinrich

Time to freak out: 4 reasons the global economy is screwed

by Allison Jackson

Here is what it’s like to be homeless in Super Bowl City

by Morgane Croissant

South Africa’s extreme drought is bad for hippos, pretty great for lions

by Erin Conway-Smith

There’s only one country in the world as corrupt as North Korea

by Simeon Tegel

How one company plans to fight the Zika virus…with more mosquitos

by Colin Heinrich

Pro surfer Kelly Slater rescues woman and child from massive wave in Hawaii

by Colin Heinrich

the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not ‘hopelessly complex’. This short vid gives a surprisingly simple explanation.

by Colin Heinrich

History’s most ironic Nobel Peace Prize nominees

by Kae Lani

NYC’s L train may be shut down for years thanks to Hurricane Sandy

by Matt Hershberger

Rio’s approach to invading and policing favelas holds some lessons for the world

by Will Carless

5 disturbing links between ISIS and western governments

by Marko Randelovic

2015 was a rough year for Nepal. Here’s what you can do to make 2016 better

by Elen Turner

R.I.P Doug Tompkins, legendary adventurer and conservationist

by Adam French
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