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Every so often an event occurs of such importance that it reshapes the social, cultural, and sometimes physical landscape for travelers, locals, and everyone else.

A couple recent examples from the past months include the revolution in Egypt and the Japanese Tsunami.

Whenever possible, when world changing events occur, Matador will attempt to get a unique perspective from community members on the ground.

I lived in Lima for three years and for the last two there was literally an earthquake...
This is a people's fight, and not just a fight between superpowers.
I moved to Japan a little over a year after the earthquake.
“How long have you known the Lord?” a young parishioner asks me.
We take a look at places that are sure to be in the international spotlight.
According to reports, the death toll is in the dozens, with claims of up to 70.
We'll be using the global press coverage to protest FIFA and President Dilma.
On this Presidents Day, a look back at presidential travel firsts.
“The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being.”
The games have been held all over the world...but not really.
All that’s going through my head is “Did I go too far this time? Why the hell am I...
The security presence in Qunu was unprecedented.
Guards said the only exit was through the chimney.
What I wish I'd focused on wasn't the horror and evil but the people themselves.
We take a look at some of the biggest news stories that turn a decade old in 2014.
Upali now lives a long bus ride away from the beach where he had set up his life.
I will quietly remember his life, pen these words, and long for home.
But the 12-year-olds are adults now. We can see the fires. We are not weak.
At a comedy show later: "Ugandans could never be want to know why?"
The American dream shouldn’t make you feel “better” than everyone else.
The Olympics draw criticism even in countries that don't put their citizens in forced...
The 9-year progress of the One World Trade center, rising on the New York City skyline.
Yosemite National Park released this strangely beautiful video of the fire.