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At Matador we’re always stoking on the evolution in art and design around the world, and sharing our favorite street art, modern architecture, and international artists remixing old forms into abstract art, creating something new.

By definition, art is the synthesis of human emotions with available media and materials, such as painting, sculpture, and photography, while design is the process of giving a form (such as a bridge or a surfboard) to a certain function (crossing water, surfing on water).

While not necessarily intended to express emotion, design can reach the level of art when it evokes emotional responses or in some way informs our experience of place.

Holy shit, Russia. We need to start carpet-bombing Moscow with nicotine patches.
Unsurprisingly, aerial shots can turn out pretty awesome.
There are a ton of other awesome street artists out there.
These architectural oddities range from skyscrapers to treehouses.
She was ahead of her time, and an integral figure in Czech New Wave cinema of the 1960s.
The New York Times has pronounced it: Hairy bush is back.
Every so often, the Academy does something historically or socially valuable.
Perhaps the City of Light has simply gone dim.
These places possess such incredible and unusual colors it’s hard to believe they exist.
As if the Sochi Olympics aren’t already riddled with bomb threats from protestors, now...
The grind and the hustle, beauty battling stifled growth afoot the skyscrapers and...
"It looks like an alien planet," is how I often describe the geography of Iceland to...
London is considering a crazy, awesome sky lane for commuting cyclists.
Policy and government become Cuba’s history, but it is the artists who tell its story.
Having a whole warehouse as a canvas for a day must have felt like Christmas morning.
Kano is part of the global rising tide of open source technology.
Rain has a tendency to usher people indoors and makes for a cohesive energy in the city.
The fundraiser loves to see their time and effort make a difference.
A representation of "information in our contemporary knowledge economy."
It’s all one big story and it’s fascinating to explore the different ways of telling...
Reclaiming urban spaces with art transforms the outward perception of areas.
I think this is just more evidence of the demise of our civilization.