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Architecture fundamentally impacts a traveler’s experience of place, from where one eats, sleeps, waits for buses, trains, etc., to the overall architectural traditions that help give a certain place its feel.

Matador’s community has fans and students of various schools of architecture. Through their stories and photo essays, we hope to share our appreciation for architecture, and help travelers see architecture as be a point of entry into a place’s culture and history.

These architectural oddities range from skyscrapers to treehouses.
London is considering a crazy, awesome sky lane for commuting cyclists.
“Something about that idea of wild nature adapted to the structure moved me,” he says.
This 330 sq ft. apartment transforms 24 different ways and includes a private movie...
Well-placed transparencies and foliage balance Serpiente’s openness 
and privacy.
You'll be shocked by how little space we actually need to live comfortably.
12 years ago I saw adobe building for the first time; it changed my life.
These five functional and sustainable housing units provide direct access to nature.
Where would J-Gatz party if he were around today, and not, uh...fictional?
"At night it looks like a glowing lantern."
The big splurge was a sofa. “I spent more on than I spent on my car,” laughs Thomas.
23 of the weirdest, coolest, and most flannel-friendly houses built into nature.
We wanted a house that wasn’t a ‘look’; we wanted a house that actually is...
“This house should be an observation shed for the changing landscape beyond.”
95 different technologies culminate in this green super-home.
The 30-foot-long structures are clad in corrugated fiberglass and divided into distinct...
The bamboo-clad abstraction of a farmhouse is a modern addition to the rural landscape.
Lighthouses are monuments to our long-lived relationship to the oceans.
The Cold War-era bridge to Fehmarn could be blown up in case of invasion.
Some buildings and features are so well known they have become icons of place.
Some are eyesores, drawing vandalism. Others are shut up tight. But I’m drawn in.
Record-breakers, news-makers, and otherwise unusual libraries.
Historical monuments can serve like informers from the past.
"Sometimes you need to lift your head very high to see the sky."
Transforming an unused trolley station into NYC's first subterranean green space.