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An artist is one who creates – writers, musicians, painters, graffiti artists, rock stackers – all are artists.

Here at Matador we have interviews and profiles of artists from Banksy, the graffiti artist, to Zefrey Throwell, who organized a naked protest in New York City.

There are a ton of other awesome street artists out there.
She was ahead of her time, and an integral figure in Czech New Wave cinema of the 1960s.
Every so often, the Academy does something historically or socially valuable.
Policy and government become Cuba’s history, but it is the artists who tell its story.
It’s all one big story and it’s fascinating to explore the different ways of telling...
Each print labels the type of person you could be, based on the style of bike you like.
They weave, sew, carve, collect, and create traditional instruments from local resources.
What do we recognise in the faces in these photographs?
The spoken word has always had a possessive element to it for me.
LA artist Adam Mars tours the contemporary art scene in Culver City.
Not all artwork is meant to change hands, or even be valued.
An artistic renaissance in Côte d’Ivoire after a decade of civil war.
You've never seen a hands-off approach like this.
Zefrey Throwell orchestrated mass nudity outside the NYSE. What was he getting at?
Leaning into the rushing water of the creek, they acted as a reference for meditation....
She strikes at night to lather black Muslim veils on half-naked airbrushed women – and...
Karen Dion steps out of Sweden and into one of those creative, controversial dots on the...
While Willy threw the juggling knives into the air, focused yet seemingly unconcerned...
NY Poetry Slam champion and now traveling documentarian, Apollo Poetry aims to make the...
"I can't believe you morons actually buy this shit."
In one of the holiest cities of the world, how can you paint mystical truths?