Consciousness is a term defined differently by different people, but in general it describes the relationship between the mind and the world it perceives. Common usages include a sense of awareness of one’s surroundings, a sense of self, and a sense that one can feel emotions.

At Matador we’ve published a number of essays and articles about consciousness, both in the context of travel affecting consciousness, as well as how consciousness is viewed, described, or treated in other cultures around the world.

Travelers following Consciousness

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Consciousness Articles

How to be home

by Leslie Finlay

A Jewish man on the birth of a Palestinian boy

by Mauricio Kruchik

15 portraits of relationships on the road

by MatadorU Students

6 things we stand to lose by traveling too fast

by Maggie Wallace

15 sacred plants from cultures around the world

by Cathy Brown

18 people talk about their greatest insecurities as travelers

by Katie Scott Aiton

The first time I felt independence

by Emma Thieme

How to settle down without losing the traveler’s ‘joie de vivre’

by Emily de Beer

Living without air: Notes from the world’s best freediver

by Matt Hershberger

Giving is a concept I still struggle with

by C Noah Pelletier

6 lessons learned from a broken ankle

by Katie Lambert

Navigating stuckness

by Jonathan Harris

Your life goals don’t have an expiration date [infographic]

by Katka Lapelosa

This Cirque de Soleil routine will teach you the meaning of trust

by Matt Hershberger

The joke of our slow extinction

by Jordan Mounteer

The strangers I can’t stop thinking about

by Nikki Hodgson

That awful 3 minutes when I was robbed in Sicily

by Brian Gillikin

The fleeting connections we make when we travel

by Koty Neelis
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