Consciousness is a term defined differently by different people, but in general it describes the relationship between the mind and the world it perceives. Common usages include a sense of awareness of one’s surroundings, a sense of self, and a sense that one can feel emotions.

At Matador we’ve published a number of essays and articles about consciousness, both in the context of travel affecting consciousness, as well as how consciousness is viewed, described, or treated in other cultures around the world.

Consciousness Articles

What is travel? And what is a traveler?

by Scott Hartman

This video captures the contrast between beauty and struggle we encounter while traveling

by Rory Moulton

Why traveling on your parents’ dime isn’t truly traveling

by Brian Gillikin

What I know as a traveler at 35 that I wish I knew when I was younger

by Rory Moulton

This video sums up why millennials should take off and travel while they can

by Morgane Croissant

This sound artist’s ‘Book of Sounds’ takes you on a stunning audio/visual journey around the world

by Debbie Gonzalez Canada

Dear travelers to Cambodia: Please don’t come visit until you’ve understood these 9 things

by Johanna Read

5 things I thought I’d have figured out by the end of my 20s

by Matt Hershberger

Why yoga could be one of the best treatments for addiction

by Emma Thieme

Watch this professional mountain climber explain how she radically changed her life and how you can do it too

by Morgane Croissant

How running away to Envision Festival taught me to embrace turning 30

by Danielle Dorsey

13 eye-opening first experiences we all have when traveling

by Jacqueline Kehoe

The things people don’t tell you about adulthood

by Jamie Varon

To anyone who thinks they’re falling behind in life

by Jamie Varon

7 habits you pick up traveling that get you in trouble back home in Canada

by Rosalyn Estoque

6 things every man should know by 30

by Judy Zhou

10 changes you’ll have to confront when you move from a small town to the big city

by Alyssa Morlacci

Want to be happy? Think about death more.

by Dayana Aleksandrova
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