Consciousness is a term defined differently by different people, but in general it describes the relationship between the mind and the world it perceives. Common usages include a sense of awareness of one’s surroundings, a sense of self, and a sense that one can feel emotions.

At Matador we’ve published a number of essays and articles about consciousness, both in the context of travel affecting consciousness, as well as how consciousness is viewed, described, or treated in other cultures around the world.

Consciousness Articles

11 reasons the US would be a better place if Americans traveled more

by Matt Hershberger

There’s an entire population in Japan that lives in internet cafes

by Matt Hershberger

The 7 states of reverse culture shock we all share as travelers

by Katka Lapelosová

Be happier when you travel. Here are 40 simple ways.

by Katka Lapelosová

Most lives are lived by default

by David Cain

7 ways travel improves how we connect with people

by Paige Smith

Eurail: A rite of passage for the American traveler

by Rory Moulton

Life lessons from a Buddhist monk and a fish

by Holly Morse-Ellington

How travel made me a better white person

by Matt Hershberger

10 pictures that show travelers are old souls

by Branden Eastwood

Searching for home after 3 decades of travel

by Nikki Hodgson

8 simple ways to be more in the moment when you travel

by Paige Smith

Forget the landscape: Start photographing yourself on your travels

by Emma Thieme

The pilgrimage of the solo traveler

by Jordan Mounteer

How Ethiopia taught me to get over myself

by Vanessa Van Doren

Travel advice for the Highly Sensitive Person

by Anne Hoffman

A self-involved essay on money, fear, and happiness in America

by Amy Benson

The art of visiting war memorials

by Matt Hershberger
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