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Marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, magic mushrooms, peyote, LSD, MDMA, DMT–there’s no shortage of syllables or acronyms for the long list of drugs humans have been consuming since we discovered how to put things in our mouths. And when it comes to this subject of varying taboo levels around the world, the effects and firsthand experiences are as intriguing as the cultures that gave birth to their use.

In the content below you can find several roundups of different mind-altering substances, firsthand experiences, and discussions on non-policy related drug issues. So long as we continue to explore beyond the normal boundaries of existence, we’ll continue to dig beneath the surface of this ever-evolving subject.

Drugs Articles

Meet Peru’s ‘Tony Montana,’ the man accused of fueling Europe’s messy coke habit

by Simeon Tegel

The pope is open to trying cocaine’s key ingredient in Bolivia

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Ecuador is on its way to decriminalizing drug use

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Behold: Latin America’s first legal medical marijuana crop

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12 signs you’ve been away from California for too long

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Mapping the cheapest and most expensive places in the world to get your vice on

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These countries smoke the most weed [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Simran Khosla

Tito’s yearly mota-run across Oaxaca

by Lisette Cheresson

New evidence that marijuana can be beneficial to athletic performance?

by Rory Moulton

Uruguay’s year in weed: 3 big successes, 3 burning questions

by Will Carless

In 2015, let’s redefine YOLO

by Emma Thieme

From tobacco to tchat: What people chew around the world

by Keph Senett

How I ended up in a cocaine bar in Bolivia

by Jordan Mounteer

How the Occupy Movement is hacking your consciousness

by Ian MacKenzie

Lies, misconceptions, and urban myths about your favorite drugs

by Joshywashington

Going for the ‘power high’ in Amsterdam

by Stacie Adams

Worldwide weed etiquette: When is it bogarting?

by Kate Sedgwick

ATF director speaks up about Operation Fast and Furious

by Abbie Mood
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