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Matador is always scouting out memes and news and photos, and analyzing the latest trends in travel and pop culture, for, invariably, a few laughs.

From ridiculous exploits in travel, music, food service, and other industries, to bizarre moments that occur at the intersections of two different cultures, irony and humor return us back to ground level.

Really, the problem with nationalism is that we take it for granted.
Apply right from your cell phone -- but you gotta catch 'em all.
British writer goes to Canada, makes supercut of him doing Canadian things.
For the first time, I'm thankful I'm not a muscular person.
Moments in the life of a writer in 21 gifs.
You have to admit: Barack Obama isn't afraid to make fun of himself.
Internet trolls - only 5% of users - are narcissists, and psychopaths.
Kevin Bacon has a few words for you Millenials.
Go anywhere in the world, at any point in time, and you’ll find some form of bigotry.
I wasn't impressed by curling until I saw this awesome David Attenborough video.
Honestly, I'm no better than some of the people in this video.
Political issues aside, the Olympics is a time for people around the world to come...
Shagnasty Island: It’s quite likely there’s a porno named after this island.
I don’t want my 17 kids growing up to be part of a $15 fisherman’s basket special.
This would make for an entertaining ride home.
This is what happened when Samsung came out with a $40,000 television.
Take a zen break and look at animals dressed up for Christmas.
This is officially now my favorite music video.
Thanksgiving needs to be celebrated at home. Not just in the US: at home.
There were many contenders. There were even more cats.
My sole criticism of this is that it sullies the good name of Chris Farley.