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Pop culture includes the prevailing perspectives, attitudes, icons, art forms, and other phenomena within the mainstream of any given society. As such, a place’s pop culture can significantly influence travel, both in the sense of what pop culture a traveler experiences at ground level, as well as the attitude a traveler brings into his or her travel experience.

Matador contributors explore various elements of pop culture and how they inform culture, travel, and life.

Ten years ago, I could not book an entire vacation by surfing the net on my mobile phone.
What does Google think we want to know about Europe?
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What we search for when we search for countries is extremely telling.
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There's so much more to the world than we can usually glean from a traditional map of a...
Movies about the future leave me somewhat depressed, because society just looks so shitty.
There aren't many ads for non-lager or pilsners aired during this event; such is...
I’m making my own prediction that we’re in for at least a few more polar vortexes.
The camera crews didn’t prepare for was an epic-fail of a photo bomb.
There's a lot of crap in the genre. But there's also a ton of brilliant, life-altering...
Just because you're smart, it doesn't mean you're good at chess.
We take a look at some of the biggest news stories that turn a decade old in 2014.
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If only it were really that easy to get into NYT and stumble into an ensuing NPR show.
“When the person steps into the taxi, we become psychologists."
I've made a scientific, indisputable list of the very best places to celebrate Christmas.