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Science can be defined as the ongoing systemization and organization of knowledge based on empirical information that lead to testable explanations and predictions about the world.

While much of Matador’s coverage of science is related to developments in technology, we occasionally publish articles about scientific discovery and advancement.

Science Articles

It was rare, but HD video existed in 1993, and someone captured beautiful scenes of Manhattan

by Carlo Alcos

Infographic: How to calm your brain during conflict

by Alice Latham

WATCH: This is the first time we’ve ever been able to see a star explode

by Emma Thieme

This hotel in Japan is staffed by robots. Here’s what happens when you check in.

by Ana Bulnes

Infographic: 8 things that are more important for success than intelligence

by Alice Latham

Robot cockroaches are not your worst nightmare. Here’s how they might save your life.

by Ana Bulnes

From California to Vancouver Island, we’re all vulnerable when “The Big One” happens

by Allie Jenkinson

Noam Chomsky just called out the US Republican Party as ‘a danger to human survival.’ Here’s why he’s right.

by Colin Heinrich

A new giant telescope aims to answer the question: Is there anybody out there?

by Simeon Tegel

Incredibly rare bird photographed for the first time then killed in the name of science

by Morgane Croissant

14 of the greatest things Tennessee has given us (plus 2 horrible ones)

by Shannon Dell

Science confirms that being yourself is sexy

by Matt Hershberger

Why we will never stop exploring

by Matt Hershberger

NASA’s spectacular Instagram will make you look at the world in a totally new way

by Matt Hershberger

What does your city smell like: bleach or BBQ?

by Morgane Croissant

This innovation could bring dinner conversation back in the smartphone age

by Carlo Alcos

This is why we hate airplane food

by Morgane Croissant

25 things you did not know about Antarctica

by Morgane Croissant
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