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How do preconceptions of travel and culture shape your experience of a place?

The romantic allure of off-the-beaten-path travel was different to the reality.
I wasn't the godsend I was coached by nonprofits to believe I would be.
A ‘Tibet’ beautified for tourists while its real identity is suppressed.
“Dull” does not equal “bad” when traveling.
Just having the opportunity to travel abroad once in a lifetime is an accomplishment in...
I wonder if, after a period of long-term travel, I’ve become jaded.
There are always costs to you living your dreams, even if not to you.
When you get right down to it, what’s the real point of bucket lists?
Suffering is present in inconvenience, which means it too is an ingredient for adventure.
Paris still stands alone in the American imagination.
They made it strangely harder for me to see the Barbados I had come to find.
Memory has a habit of expunging linear sequences in favor of moments of strong emotion.
Say what you want about airplanes — you won’t be getting cholera on them.
He points to his boxful of blackened rags and shoe polish and then to my sandals.
Usually, at the end of these stories, I come off as a bit of a jackass.
The DC I hate is not my new zip code but a new set of fantasies I’ve adopted.
"I hear Oslob has whale sharks if you’re set on it. It’s Donsol five years ago.”
One of my more poetic students remarked that I looked like an Amazon warrior.
I had come to resent Orlando, considering it a sort of cultural void.
The backpacker, beneath a gigantic fern, has an epiphany and returns changed.
We've 'done' a city. It sounds like we have depleted the place of its experiences.
Rebel against your routine no matter where you are -- just take one step out of it.
There they are in high-resolution glory, stacked in line by a hip photo curator on...
My stint with Colonel Sanders in China was an entirely new exposure, led by a love of...
What was I was trying to prove?