Travel Illusion

How do preconceptions of travel and culture shape your experience of a place?

Travel Illusion Articles

Travel isn’t going to kill you — but staying at home will

by Matt Hershberger

A deeper look at “ethical” travel

by Kim Malcolm

8 myths about living in a ski town that need to be debunked

by Tim Wenger

A love letter to the American South

by Scott Summers

Tourism has a dangerous obsession with “paradise.” Here’s how to fix it.

by Justin Francis

6 things I wish I’d known about travel in my 20s

by Koty Neelis

Your travels are really irritating 2 people in DC

by Matt Hershberger

6 things I stopped giving a sh*t about while walking the Camino de Santiago

by Sandra Guedes

3 reasons your travel fire is fading, and how to get it back

by Mary Sojourner

The lost art of reckless travel

by Matt Hayes

Why I refuse to be scared when I travel

by Paris Marx

The most important thing I’ve ever learned while traveling

by Matt Hershberger

That time I was just another tourist where they filmed Game of Thrones

by Rebecca Bellan

How not to kill your sibling when traveling together

by Claire and Laura Jopson

Meet the four monsters of solo travel

by Cynthia Ord

I’ve traveled solo for 8 years. This is what “home” now means to me

by Dayana Aleksandrova

Are you traveling to escape or because you need this?

by Elaina Giolando

6 things no one prepares you for as a solo female traveler

by Nicole Sunderland
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