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Matador is deeply committed to reporting on environmental issues around the world, as well as the ways we as travelers can lessen our environmental impact. One of our most important goals is to help spread awareness of environmental problems facing local communities, and the innovators and orgs doing work to address them, to readers worldwide.

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Environment Articles

Across the ravaged land

by Nick Brandt

It ain’t easy being green in the world’s most polluted city

by Ankita Rao

The amazing flora and fauna of Ecuador’s Cloud Forest (PICS)

by Karin-Marijke Vis

Story behind the shot: Loggerhead turtle

by Petros Mitropolous

WATCH: Walking across surreal, transparent ice in the Slovakian mountains

by Matt Hershberger

Ash Springs: Why do the sweetest places always get trashed?

by Mary Sojourner

Moss graffiti: A green take on vandalism

by Matt Hershberger

5 difficulties to expect when moving off the grid and how to handle them

by Emma Thieme

17 powerful portraits of Alaska’s bears

by Drew Hamilton

This story will change your perception of hunters

by Matt Hershberger

Sights and sounds of British Columbia’s wild west coast

by Carlo Alcos

Watching elephants help each other is beyond heartwarming

by Katka Lapelosa

This Australian couple got to casually swim with humpback whales

by Katka Lapelosa

After economic collapse, here’s how Iceland rebuilt a powerful green economy

by Shaikha Al Khayyal

The 4 steps to overcoming your fear of sharks

by Emma Thieme

14 mesmerizing star trails and portraits of the night sky

by Ibrahim Centindemir

10 stunning portraits of Iceland’s waterscapes

by Sebastien Beun

Incredible timelapse shows off New Zealand’s rugged coast

by Matt Hershberger
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