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Matador is deeply committed to reporting on environmental issues around the world, as well as the ways we as travelers can lessen our environmental impact. One of our most important goals is to help spread awareness of environmental problems facing local communities, and the innovators and orgs doing work to address them, to readers worldwide.

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I'm surprised that there is an attraction like this near Yellowstone National Park.
Most of the environmental issues in Southeast Asia are inextricably linked
Leaving can become habit. Breaking down your life, building it back up again.
With a population density of Manhattan, the planet could fit 1.73 trillion people.
If his butt hole theory is correct, it definitely proves why humans are really lame by...
Are we on the path to consuming water faster than it's replenished?
Unfortunately, coral reefs are under threat from mankind and global warming.
We've had a huge effect on which species inherit the Earth.
Rethinking urban spaces can pave the way to real change.
Yes, there is such a thing as a dolphin stampede, and yes, it is awesome.
Wind turbines may be able to play a role in slowing hurricanes.
From rainforests to glaciers, South America is one diverse continent.
This video is incredible proof of the natural space orcas require to be happy.
These bears certainly look like they are having the time of their lives.
The staff strapped a GoPro camera onto his beak for a unique perspective.
There's a reason why so many treehouses these days resemble Ewok villages
I just called my parents to apologize for putting up with me during my angsty teenager...
It was a joke. The glacier, me, and this slow extinction.
The dirty, nasty birds we despise so much, could actually end up on our dinner plates.
Churchill, Canada is positioned near the world's largest concentration of polar bears.
Ocean Ramsey is bringing attention to the plight of the great white.