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Matador is deeply committed to reporting on environmental issues around the world, as well as the ways we as travelers can lessen our environmental impact. One of our most important goals is to help spread awareness of environmental problems facing local communities, and the innovators and orgs doing work to address them, to readers worldwide.

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Environment Articles

Some cruel a*$hole in Paris buried a dog alive. But what matters is the story of his rescue.

by Matt Hershberger

5 climate change nightmares that are already becoming reality in 2015

by Alex Scola

Angry about Cecil the Lion? You’re going about it all wrong.

by Matt Hershberger

6 endangered animals that poachers are hunting into extinction

by Jessica Phelan

5 ways your vacation is killing sea turtles

by Yahoo! Travel

3 million gallons of toxic sludge just got dumped into a Colorado River. Here’s why it’s going to happen again.

by Matt Hershberger

The next time you order brunch, remember this article

by Angela Waters

Why legalizing their slaughter might save India’s dying camel population

by Jason Overdorf

Nicaraguans are going organic, but some farmers remain skeptical

by Teresa Cebrian Aranda

Everybody freak out, sharks live in volcanoes now

by Matt Hershberger

8 simple things you can do to become a more responsible traveler

by Matt Hershberger

There is a rugged, spectacular corridor across Florida that almost nobody sees. This team traversed it.

by David Miller

You shouldn’t be freaking out about this summer’s shark attacks. Here’s why.

by Matt Hershberger

These homes prove that the ‘tiny house movement’ has become a global phenomenon

by Alex Scola

Google’s new vertical street view lets you climb Yosemite from your couch

by Alex Scola

BC’s coast is 100% worth protecting. These 13 stunning images remind us why.

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan

Idaho from the air

by Blaze Nowara

This is why scientists are tracking your movements through National Parks

by Alex Scola
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