Wind farm. Photo: Caveman 92223


Matador believes in sustainability as a governing principle for decision making at all levels.

This includes everything from a national scale such as development of alternative energy sources (wind and solar power) to local food movements, community supported agriculture, and businesses that produce / serve and / or source goods and services locally.

As travelers we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprints and make informed choices about how we travel. Matador is committed to sharing ground level media on innovators, orgs, and communities creating new models in sustainability, and ways that we as travelers can help.

Sustainability Articles

The Sacred Headwaters: A journey to kayak the Stikine and protect the land

by Carlo Alcos

Did this man just save the world?

by Matt Hershberger

Your water footprint is just as important as the carbon one

by Morgane Croissant

New York is the most wasteful city in the World

by Morgane Croissant

These activists are risking everything to save the environment

by Allison Jackson

This is what oil roads look like in the Amazon, and here’s what they do to people’s lives

by Alex Goff

This Texas city will run entirely on renewable energy by 2017

by Morgane Croissant

Why every city in North America should be a little more like Vancouver

by Morgane Croissant

Gaia Eco-village: the world’s most sustainable community (photos)

by Kamilia Lahrichi

Nearly a billion monarch butterflies have vanished since 1990: Here’s what’s being done to save them

by Ailsa Ross

Half the world’s population lives in these 6 countries

by Sarah Wolfe

3456 Feet: How one snowboarder minimizes his CO2 footprint and still finds the freshies

by Ride Greener

It ain’t easy being green in the world’s most polluted city

by Ankita Rao

Across the ravaged land

by Nick Brandt

Moss graffiti: A green take on vandalism

by Matt Hershberger

5 difficulties to expect when moving off the grid and how to handle them

by Emma Thieme

This story will change your perception of hunters

by Matt Hershberger

After economic collapse, here’s how Iceland rebuilt a powerful green economy

by Shaikha Al Khayyal
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