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Matador believes in sustainability as a governing principle for decision making at all levels.

This includes everything from a national scale such as development of alternative energy sources (wind and solar power) to local food movements, community supported agriculture, and businesses that produce / serve and / or source goods and services locally.

As travelers we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprints and make informed choices about how we travel. Matador is committed to sharing ground level media on innovators, orgs, and communities creating new models in sustainability, and ways that we as travelers can help.

Sustainability Articles

6 reasons your next dive trip needs to be to the Cayman Islands

by Doree Simon

After 20 years fighting the logging industry the Great Bear Rainforest is protected. Here’s why it’s a huge victory for conservation.

by Shelby Huff

Palm oil is in everything and it’s killing rain forests, endangered species and people. Here’s how.

by Nicholas Burns

Noam Chomsky just called out the US Republican Party as ‘a danger to human survival.’ Here’s why he’s right.

by Colin Heinrich

Meet the father and son who’ve done something about the West’s looming water crisis.

by Emily Nuchols

4 reasons public transit is the most underrated mode of travel

by Matthew Johnson

14 women (you’ve probably never heard of) who work every day to improve your food

by Cathy Brown

5 transformative festivals for experimenting with alternative lifestyles

by Danielle Dorsey

Meet the man behind Envision Festival

by Colin Heinrich

How to make your Christmas greener

by Neha

16 cheap and sustainably-minded gifts for travelers

by Sarah de los Cobos

8 entrepreneurs making it happen in Salt Lake City

by Liz Galloway

What should you eat during a drought? The answer is more delicious than you think

by Christopher Cook

Becoming a vegetarian is the easiest way to save the planet

by The Plaid Zebra

5 simple things you can do to save the world right now

by Matt Hershberger

10 species to see in Hawaii before climate change eliminates them forever

by Megan Edgar

5 entrepreneurs making a difference in Seattle

by Marissa Pedersen

5 grassroots heroes creating positive change in Chicago

by Jeromy Slaby
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