Wind farm. Photo: Caveman 92223


Matador believes in sustainability as a governing principle for decision making at all levels.

This includes everything from a national scale such as development of alternative energy sources (wind and solar power) to local food movements, community supported agriculture, and businesses that produce / serve and / or source goods and services locally.

As travelers we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprints and make informed choices about how we travel. Matador is committed to sharing ground level media on innovators, orgs, and communities creating new models in sustainability, and ways that we as travelers can help.

Sustainability Articles

Living out of boxes: what it’s like to reside in San Francisco’s ‘Containertopia’

by Signe Brewster

These ideas might sound extreme, but they would have a massive positive impact on our environment.

by Emma Thieme

How a cross-country trip led me to buy a piece of rural land at 27

by Emma Thieme

Watch this killer timelapse of a superadobe earthbag house

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WATCH: this couple built a tiny house for $420 in two months

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WATCH: They’re a family of 7 and they’re totally off the grid

by Emma Thieme

Here’s a great reading list if you’re at all interested in self-sufficient living

by Emma Thieme

7 ways you can support the National Parks

by Matt Hershberger

We need responsible travelers now more than ever. Here’s why.

by Justin Francis

This is what it’s like to spend 2 Canadian winters in a van

by Emma Thieme

WATCH: these people share what it’s like to live in a bare bones eco-village

by Emma Thieme

5 easy tips for living off-grid as a woman

by Emma Thieme

This is how you use a bicycle to do your laundry

by Emma Thieme

This is how Namibia is nailing sustainable tourism

by Shannon Dell

Step aside, hydroponics. These two scuba divers are growing strawberries and lettuce under the ocean

by Cathy Brown

Here’s where to find some of the cleanest air in the world

by PRI's The World

Ranking the world’s greenest countries

by Atlas & Boots

How tourism is helping small-scale Colombian farmers affected by the war rebuild their lives

by Troy Young
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