Wind farm. Photo: Caveman 92223


Matador believes in sustainability as a governing principle for decision making at all levels.

This includes everything from a national scale such as development of alternative energy sources (wind and solar power) to local food movements, community supported agriculture, and businesses that produce / serve and / or source goods and services locally.

As travelers we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprints and make informed choices about how we travel. Matador is committed to sharing ground level media on innovators, orgs, and communities creating new models in sustainability, and ways that we as travelers can help.

Sustainability Articles

10 species to see in Hawaii before climate change eliminates them forever

by Megan Edgar

Tanzania has figured out a way to make charcoal and save trees at the same time

by Sam Eaton

Becoming a vegetarian is the easiest way to save the planet

by The Plaid Zebra

5 simple things you can do to save the world right now

by Matt Hershberger

5 grassroots heroes creating positive change in Chicago

by Jeromy Slaby

5 entrepreneurs making a difference in Seattle

by Marissa Pedersen

What should you eat during a drought? The answer is more delicious than you think

by Christopher Cook

The art of picking up trash

by Jo Jackson

This pro surfer lives out of a 20-foot self-sustaining yurt

by Alice Latham

The biggest threat to West Africa’s traditional fisheries might be your appetite

by Erin Conway-Smith

What undercover videos tell us about meat in america

by Rory Moulton

The next time you order brunch, remember this article

by Angela Waters

3 million gallons of toxic sludge just got dumped into a Colorado River. Here’s why it’s going to happen again.

by Matt Hershberger

5 climate change nightmares that are already becoming reality in 2015

by Alex Scola

Nicaraguans are going organic, but some farmers remain skeptical

by Teresa Cebrian Aranda

8 simple things you can do to become a more responsible traveler

by Matt Hershberger

There is a rugged, spectacular corridor across Florida that almost nobody sees. This team traversed it.

by David Miller

These homes prove that the ‘tiny house movement’ has become a global phenomenon

by Alex Scola
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