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Matador believes in sustainability as a governing principle for decision making at all levels.

This includes everything from a national scale such as development of alternative energy sources (wind and solar power) to local food movements, community supported agriculture, and businesses that produce / serve and / or source goods and services locally.

As travelers we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprints and make informed choices about how we travel. Matador is committed to sharing ground level media on innovators, orgs, and communities creating new models in sustainability, and ways that we as travelers can help.

There's a garbage patch in the Pacific -- it's pretty clear we've got a bit of an issue.
Bycatch (fish that don't end up on our plates) accounts for 90% of all fish caught.
BATs. They're basically large balloons with wind turbines in them.
With a population density of Manhattan, the planet could fit 1.73 trillion people.
Are we on the path to consuming water faster than it's replenished?
Rethinking urban spaces can pave the way to real change.
There's a reason why so many treehouses these days resemble Ewok villages
Tonight I'm taking you out for dinner.
It's one more opportunity for a dude with way too much money to treat the world like his...
Some cultures are still allotted a yearly quota of whales.
It's time to start planting. No matter where you live.
From the "Holy shit why hasn't someone thought of this before" files.
He grew tired of climbing up a down a ladder several times a day.
A company doing more than paying lip service to the concept of responsible tourism.
The Kumbh Mela is believed to be the largest gathering of humanity on Earth.
If you live in, eat in, or visit the United States, you're connected to the Colorado...
We wanted a house that wasn’t a ‘look’; we wanted a house that actually is...