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From morning coffee to afternoon tea, fresh-squeezed sugarcane juice on the streets of Vietnam to a bottle of beer at a local dive bar, drinks have the power to morph state of mind.

We’ve got recipes for drinks you can light on fire and the best classic cocktails, guides for making cold-brewed iced coffee and homemade chai, and advice on which teas promote health and which drinks to order to fit in with the locals.

All this terminology might seem unnecessary and annoying.
Watch it and never be hungover, or out of control again.
Hover your mouse over your state to see what your fellow citizens are getting trashed on.
One of the strongest sells of an 'African' story I can recall seeing in a very, very long...
Mohammed Abu-Khaleel pulls a flip phone from his pocket. The modern Bedouin.
What about a machete, axe, wheelchair or belly button to up the ante?
Everything from tent selection, where to go and stay, plus key Oktoberfest phraseology.
A rundown of the wildest bar crawls in the US and abroad.
Get f*cked up with these 59 national drinks.
A guide for good drinking the next time you find yourself in Chi-town.
When I tell my parents about where I’ve been, I tell them appeasement shit.
I laugh at my faux-pas and accept the gourd again.
Four black cauldrons bubbled over wood fires in the center of an open-air courtyard.
We know there are at least infinity amazing craft breweries in each of these states.
It was being passed around like the arch-nemesis of a talking stone.
Here are 20 recommended cities to visit on your beer-based travels.
I squeezed past a scattered group of drinkers clutching cans like bags of crack.
Why do beer drinkers who generally dislike bitterness still owe them respect?
From the Afrikaans for "white lightning," witblits is a strong unaged grape brandy.
Specialty releases are the beer geek equivalent of a marathon.
Wine snobs love to critique the quality of Connecticut (and New England in general) wines.
Germany started doing “things” to their beer. I’ve been drinking those things.