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At Matador, you’ll find the articles on beer festivals going off around the world, reports on beer competitions and the morning-after regret of the free sample booth, and instructions on how to ask for a pint in 50 languages.

But we go beyond the standard, covering an Austrian spa where you can bathe in beer, Japanese “space barley” beer that sells for $150 / six pack, and a rundown of the different styles and purposes of beer glasses.

We’ve also gone in search of the best microbrew in the U.S. and taste tested the bottom of the barrel to determine America’s worst beer.

All this terminology might seem unnecessary and annoying.
One of the strongest sells of an 'African' story I can recall seeing in a very, very long...
What about a machete, axe, wheelchair or belly button to up the ante?
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32 years after its founding in Chico, California, Sierra Nevada comes to the East.
Learning from the draughtmasters in Galway, Ireland.
No fancy silver spitting buckets required.
You're gonna need to build some tolerance before coming here.
Something about "local craft brews" felt like it needed to be biked to.
Jonathon Goodwin and his army buddies fly around Europe on a beer drinking odyssey.
At once a purveyor of fine Austrian, Belgian, Czech, and German beers, the biergarten's...
Somehow, this road trip ended up being all about the beer.
Brandon Widener begins his new budget travel series looking for brewing monks.
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Eva Holland provides a comprehensive guide to Alaska's most notable brewing companies and...