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We’ll never know what Homo erectus and the rest of our pre-written-word ancestors were cooking, but luckily today we’ve gone beyond the oral tradition and made cooking a form of literature in recipes. Whether you want to make cornbread the way your grandma used to, you’re looking for guidance on cheesemaking, or don’t know where to begin with carving a turkey, check out the articles below for food-making enlightenment.

Recipes Articles

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14 easy yet impressive campfire meals

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Limoncello tiramisu: A memory of Italy (with recipe)

by Aaron Hamburger

Beginner’s guide to fermenting foods on the road

by Elisa Fusi

How to bake bread in your rice cooker [VID]

by Anne Merritt

Inside a Korean kitchen

by Anne Merritt

6 drink recipes for a special Valentine’s Day

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Brownies from God: 5 recipes made with illegal plants

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7 ways to cook a turkey, make stuffing and carve the bird

by Joshywashington

How to make spiced cider + 5 other videos to prepare for autumn

by Joshywashington

How to make Mongolian camel curd

by Joshywashington

8 awesome ways to trick out a burrito

by Alex Nolette
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