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The Glimpse Correspondents Program is for talented writers and photographers with a passion for storytelling and a knack for finding truly unique stories. The program is open to anyone who will be working, volunteering, or studying outside of their home country for at least 10 weeks.

Frugality may be the result, but learning to travel well comes from being pragmatic.
In the absence of a shared language, people have shown me hospitality and kindness with...
Hitchhikers ask and answer one question: “How do we get a car to stop?”
It is a piece of Ukrainian culture that has stayed true to old-world rituals and...
Syria felt like the last place in the world where anything “enraged” could happen
Journalist 2: "Just tweet it along with 'hashtag boobs.'"
The peaks of Langtang are visible from Kathmandu on a clear day.
You have until July 31 to get your application in. Don't miss this intensive educational...
I say "No, thank you" to the offered pastry and accept the quizzical, hurt look from the...
I wasn’t the sexualized Western female, the fat American, the junior coworker.
The train signal boy stands with a flashlight and flag to signal the trains to proceed.
The soviet regime stole any possible food, ensuring the death of the peasant class.
“So. Why medicine?” my interviewer asked, as he sat in a chair across from me.
I couldn't enter without a “temple recommend,” a document vouching for my worthiness.
The women of Inter-Lebanon reminded me what running with a team really offers: a family.
I had heard about the smell of blood, but never imagined what a bitter taste it would...
The hollowness I feel is more disappointment than hunger. God will break your heart.
"Her voice completely changed and her eyes rolled back into her head."
The first time I went to a brothel in Alaminos, it was by accident.
In Beirut to witness the aftermath of the recent bombing.
The organilleros feel like part of another era, cranking out Mexican classics from the...
An artistic renaissance in Côte d’Ivoire after a decade of civil war.
After the death of the Coptic Pope and a new president, what does the future hold for...
To read about Abidjan was to imagine a feral energy crackled around every corner.
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