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Money makes the world go ’round. Perhaps more importantly, it helps you get around the world. Regardless of you’re location, you’re probably going to need money to get somewhere, or if you’re walking, money to eat, drink, and refuel. Even if you’re a hard-core budget traveler, it’s just plain reckless to travel somewhere new without any financial resource.

Yet by no means must travel, or the ‘good life’ in general be considered expensive. An expense, yes, but one hardly reserved for those whom the travel agents and tourist bureaus have convinced to pay extra for their brochured sunsets. Travel today is no more complicated than it was hundreds of years ago for adventure-seeking pirates-in-training, and at Matador you can read about how to travel by cargo ship and where to set up an offshore bank account once you’ve found your fortune. See what $150K can buy in real estate around the world along with budget guides tailored to specific destinations.

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