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I daydream about the day when I’ll get to a cat cafe in London or Japan.
Meet Team Wapusk - Churchill's dog sled leaders.
"I don't know what's wrong with him!" my mother screamed over the phone.
Where to hike with your dog within Philadelphia city limits.
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If you don't clean up after your pets, be prepared to pay the consequences.
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Sometimes the only thing to keep you company on a cold winter's night is a pet cockroach.
It can take months of preparation and careful planning to move abroad with a pet.
Why you should think about adopting a special needs or older pet
After a "gay dog" in Australia is refused entry to a restaurant, Leigh Shulman starts to...
What is it about a cat in a fruit helmet that just makes you want to smile?
The Matador community and team share their pet photos.
The perfect joy of a dog greeting his master on returning home from war leaves even the...
Don't say "Yes" just yet. Ask yourself these questions first.
Tips for buying and training a bird that talks.
Animals do not need much to be happy, but they do need consistency and care.