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The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.
Girl, please. That’s not your body. You don't get to decide what it does for money.
Moving gingerly, heart beating quickly, I opened the door.
Pickup artists found Couchsurfing to be a ripe area for exploitation.
When we separated, going on a trip was the obvious choice.
Never date a girl who travels unless you can keep up with her.
Want to know how much sex your neighbors are having? There's an app for that.
Peter and I did a lot of things in the rain.
If I were a single athlete in Sochi right now, and I saw this video, I'd download Tinder...
It gives you a general idea of why we do, what we do (and with whom).
PREPARE TO HAVE your mind blown - your diamond ring's value, is purely sentimental.
You don’t need to watch 'Paris Je T’aime' to know that romance is kind of a big deal...
How do you end your relationship when you're a thousand miles from home?
These tips will help you become a certified member, should you wish.
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But the fact is, it’s happening.
We're seeing a slow but steady decline in people's sexual creativity.
Sweaty, chiseled, and with a perfect, dimpled smile.
French ladies, I promise we’re not all the uncultured clowns you might think we are.
Getting chlamydia is kind of better than getting a cold, actually.
That normalizing rhetoric serves nobody who ends up being a ‘baby’ to some...
You may have to talk about boundaries with someone you just met a few days ago.
It just seems wrong to me that we require a call-to-action to do nice things for each...
In countries where being gay is taboo, the ones who cannot hide lead the way for the rest.