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Language is the point of entry for experiencing culture and place.

Through our international community of travelers and expats, we’ve compiled dozens of language guides, program profiles, and tips to help people interested in finding both study abroad and ESL teaching programs around the world.

I thought it was an obscure sexual position. She actually meant, “meh.”
A Big Mac combo meal costs $16 and two tickets to the movies is $37.
Studying abroad puts you in a singular category with specialized skills.
Get rid of your glaring gringo accent and learn to talk like an artesano.
"Come round later. We can have a few dops and throw some boerie on the fire.”
Take a deep breath and accept this is how things work here.
The painful desire to go to distant places, to travel, to see the world.
How good are you at identifying the languages being spoken around you?
Here are some annoyances of a hagwon, and why I won't be returning.
You don’t need to watch 'Paris Je T’aime' to know that romance is kind of a big deal...
Some Konglish terms seem to be here to stay.
Watching the Super Bowl abroad is a sad echo of watching it at home.
“So, where in the world is Maastricht, anyway??”
Do press all the buttons on the robotic toilets.
To travel is to experience just as much a change of characters as a change in scenery.
It’s the worst stereotype about Americans – we’re atrocious at traveling.
We all talk a little differently depending on which part of the country we come from.
Thinking and dreaming in a foreign language is a great start.
In the absence of a shared language, people have shown me hospitality and kindness with...
Shifting between languages can almost immediately alter one’s personality.