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Expat Life

For many Matadorians, travel might not mean “travel” at all, but rather immersing oneself in a foreign culture as an expat. The potential payoffs are huge: language acquisition, adopting a new way of seeing the world, really “getting” a place to an extent that passers-through aren’t able to.

There are hardships too. Expats have to find a place to live and work, connect with a new social circle, and deal with homesickness, all while navigating a new language and culture.

With the help of its editorial staff and expat contributors around the world, Matador has generated articles on all aspects of this form of living / traveling.

Expat Life Articles

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by Ann Benjamin

Here is what it’s really like to be a trailing spouse

by Claire Litton-Cohn

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by shelley Treadaway

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by Eric Halsey

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by Megan Spurrell

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by Genevieve Northup

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by Amanda Machado

9 Things Only Latinos Living in Portland Will Understand

by Muss Mendez

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by Marie King

9 side effects I had as an American living in London

by Alethea Alden

10 things that happen when you move to Nepal

by Elen Turner

9 Greek habits I had to lose when I moved to the US

by Joanna Kalafatis

9 questions you should ask yourself before moving abroad

by Claire Litton-Cohn

7 differences between normal friends and the friends you make studying abroad

by Tanner Saunders

11 side effects I had as a traveler in South Korea

by Katie McGrain

16 things you get addicted to after living in St. Louis

by Lindsay Wang

17 side effects I had as a traveler in Bali

by Dayana Aleksandrova

11 things you’ll get addicted to living in Italy

by Jessica Irwin
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