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For many Matadorians, travel might not mean “travel” at all, but rather immersing oneself in a foreign culture as an expat. The potential payoffs are huge: language acquisition, adopting a new way of seeing the world, really “getting” a place to an extent that passers-through aren’t able to.

There are hardships too. Expats have to find a place to live and work, connect with a new social circle, and deal with homesickness, all while navigating a new language and culture.

With the help of its editorial staff and expat contributors around the world, Matador has generated articles on all aspects of this form of living / traveling.

A Big Mac combo meal costs $16 and two tickets to the movies is $37.
Get rid of your glaring gringo accent and learn to talk like an artesano.
You don’t need to watch 'Paris Je T’aime' to know that romance is kind of a big deal...
Watching the Super Bowl abroad is a sad echo of watching it at home.
“So, where in the world is Maastricht, anyway??”
Do press all the buttons on the robotic toilets.
To travel is to experience just as much a change of characters as a change in scenery.
It’s the worst stereotype about Americans – we’re atrocious at traveling.
In the absence of a shared language, people have shown me hospitality and kindness with...
What I learned was that far from empty, Patagonia is a peopled landscape.
Living abroad as a dependent with the military feels like living abroad with training...
I will quietly remember his life, pen these words, and long for home.
Finding the one wave that’s going off can be maddening when there are so many options.
A last-minute, improvisational guide to the American holiday abroad.
Thanksgiving needs to be celebrated at home. Not just in the US: at home.
I met many Americans abroad whom I would never have crossed paths with otherwise.
I knew so little; I am ashamed to admit it now.
I learned and felt so much just by trying to live a normal life in a new country.
A young mother learns the limits of the landscape.
"Who knows, maybe even a policeman cannot find them."
Every time you ask, you regret it that little bit more.
After a few short months, the hidden burdens of their time in Myanmar will loom large.
After two semesters abroad in Barcelona, returning to the US.
We used to laugh and point. Now this is how we roll.
For the first 15 months, neither the subway lady voice nor the crowds bothered me.