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Expat Life

For many Matadorians, travel might not mean “travel” at all, but rather immersing oneself in a foreign culture as an expat. The potential payoffs are huge: language acquisition, adopting a new way of seeing the world, really “getting” a place to an extent that passers-through aren’t able to.

There are hardships too. Expats have to find a place to live and work, connect with a new social circle, and deal with homesickness, all while navigating a new language and culture.

With the help of its editorial staff and expat contributors around the world, Matador has generated articles on all aspects of this form of living / traveling.

Expat Life Articles

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by Gloria Atanmo

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by Karolina Goralska

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by C-M "Spike" Daeley

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by Madelaine Triebe

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by Ana Liz Omaña Caverzan

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by Nicolás Vergara

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by Hannah Smith

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by Claire Litton-Cohn

You know you’re becoming a local in Costa Rica when…

by Liz Galloway

20 ways to recognize a Mexican anywhere in the world

by Iliana Garcia

8 signs it’s time to get the hell out of Dublin

by Sorcha O'Higgins

17 little things you will miss when you leave Vietnam

by Jacqueline Kehoe

What happens when someone from Portugal moves to the UK

by Sandra Guedes

13 signs you’ve become culturally Peruvian

by Samantha Jenkins

8 American habits I lost in Japan

by Louise Hung

The 9 most dangerous habits I picked up in Vietnam

by Jacqueline Kehoe

10 things that will make you say “FML” in Buenos Aires

by Meaghan Beatley
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