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Expat Life

For many Matadorians, travel might not mean “travel” at all, but rather immersing oneself in a foreign culture as an expat. The potential payoffs are huge: language acquisition, adopting a new way of seeing the world, really “getting” a place to an extent that passers-through aren’t able to.

There are hardships too. Expats have to find a place to live and work, connect with a new social circle, and deal with homesickness, all while navigating a new language and culture.

With the help of its editorial staff and expat contributors around the world, Matador has generated articles on all aspects of this form of living / traveling.

Expat Life Articles

24 signs you’ve been in Russia too long

by Vivian Lee Wei Xin

14 things you’ll get addicted to in Turkey

by Johanna Read

Infographic: Who are the happiest people on earth?

by Alice Latham

8 things you’ll get addicted to in Thailand

by Johanna Read

6 myths vs realities of living in China, written by an American expat

by Whitney Shindelar

Infographic: Here’s why living abroad makes you smarter

by Alice Latham

How traveling made me unemployable

by Alyssa Ramos

What I’ve given up to live abroad

by Louise Hung

You know you’re in Mexico when…

by Rulo Luna

My whole life was based around travel. Here’s what happened when I stopped

by Katka Lapelosov√°

I was an expat kid: here’s why I’ll probably never return to the country where I grew up

by Laura Veariel

To American exchange students: Please don’t come to South Africa until you’ve understood these 5 things.

by Sian Ferguson

10 ways growing up abroad has NOT prepared me for college life in the US

by Taylor Joy Murray

London, I love you, but you’re bringing me down

by Grace Beard

12 things I learned in my first year in the USA

by Elen Turner

5 things to expect when traveling while black

by Oneika Raymond

What I share (and don’t) with other expats in Hong Kong

by Louise Hung

19 Northern English habits I lost when I moved to Australia

by Tommy Walker
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