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I thought it was an obscure sexual position. She actually meant, “meh.”
"Come round later. We can have a few dops and throw some boerie on the fire.”
The painful desire to go to distant places, to travel, to see the world.
How good are you at identifying the languages being spoken around you?
Some Konglish terms seem to be here to stay.
Thinking and dreaming in a foreign language is a great start.
Shifting between languages can almost immediately alter one’s personality.
Not every language learning attempt spells disaster for English speakers.
Pidgin, officially known as Hawaii Creole English, is the language on the street.
11 wonderful, elusive, words -- which have no direct translation in English.
How can I ever learn another language when I can barely master my own?
Here’s a cheat sheet to navigating Singapore’s kopitiam like a pro.
Journalist 2: "Just tweet it along with 'hashtag boobs.'"
You are quemadito -- a little burnt -- even if your skin is glowing red.
Before he climbed up into his top bunk, I said tentatively, “Konbanwa.” Good evening.
It’s linguistically marvelous to be able to express a specific emotion so succinctly.
Use of idioms is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture and language.
Suffice it to say it took me an hour to pick up the giant box of cereal from my mother.