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MatadorU students — both active and alumni of our writing, photography, or filmmaking programs — are becoming the go-to contributors for media outlets, DMOs, and tourism boards around the world. From diverse publication records to prestigious awards, their accomplishments in travel journalism continue to inspire the next generation of writers, photographers, filmmakers, and travelers.

Student Work Articles

17 images that prove Lisbon has the world’s greatest street art

by Rodolfo Contreras

14 differences between a normal mom and a Swedish mom

by Madelaine Triebe

30 signs you were born and raised in Malaysia

by Lee Wei Xin

How to piss off a lesbian traveler

by Meg Ten Eyck

20 signs you were born and raised in The Kimberley

by LIss Connell

9 side effects I’ve had as a traveler living in China

by Whitney Shindelar

5 myths about women who travel solo

by Silvia Romão

5 things you didn’t know about Cinco de Mayo

by Alice Latham

7 things LGBT travelers are sick of hearing

by Ben Lambert

7 lies you tell yourself before going into the Peace Corps

by Justin Guerra

7 rowdiest music venues in Colorado

by Tim Wenger

9 things I learned by falling in love with a Spaniard

by Dayana Aleksandrova

20 signs you were raised by a Malaysian mom

by Lee Wei Xin

It’s been one year since the devastating Nepal earthquakes. Here’s what it’s like to travel here now.

by Elen Turner

To Tennessee: I’m sorry

by Shannon Dell

Dear travelers to Colorado: Here’s 8 things you should know before you come here

by Tim Wenger

How tourism is helping small-scale Colombian farmers affected by the war rebuild their lives

by Troy Young

On disabled vets, Washington peaks, and dog tags

by Joseph Epperson
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