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MatadorU students — both active and alumni of our writing, photography, or filmmaking programs — are becoming the go-to contributors for media outlets, DMOs, and tourism boards around the world. From diverse publication records to prestigious awards, their accomplishments in travel journalism continue to inspire the next generation of writers, photographers, filmmakers, and travelers.

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Student Work Articles

Leaving home in 5 steps: My journey from Spain into the wider world

by Marco Delgado

Cycling guide to Edinburgh’s Water of Leith path

by Natalie De Winter

Beer drinker’s guide to Salt Lake City

by Allan Stumpe

5 off-the-radar ancient villages in south China (that don’t charge entrance fees)

by Gaetan Green

10 things I love about Hawaii after moving here from New York

by Tarah Williams

The long slow pull to leave

by Reda Wigle

An interview with Mary Sojourner on her novel 29

by Jo Jackson

7 things you’ll miss when you leave Seattle

by Gina Corsiglia

How to piss off an American abroad

by Reda Wigle

7 things small-town life taught me about surviving in the big city

by Christi Helen

20 signs you were born and raised in Scotland

by Molly Nurse

14 signs you’re married to a German

by LiAnne Yu

24 hours in Fremont, Seattle

by Nicolle Merrill

How 100 million Chinese travelers are changing global tourism

by LiAnne Yu

20 portraits from the enduring Caribbean

by Daniel Chafer

11 things you miss about the South when you move to New York

by Lauren Fern Watt

11 things I wish I’d known before hiking the Appalachian Trail

by Maggie Wallace

8 signs you’re still a tourist in Rio de Janeiro

by Amanda Moutinho
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