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MatadorU students — both active and alumni of our writing, photography, or filmmaking programs — are becoming the go-to contributors for media outlets, DMOs, and tourism boards around the world. From diverse publication records to prestigious awards, their accomplishments in travel journalism continue to inspire the next generation of writers, photographers, filmmakers, and travelers.

Student Work Articles

What bartenders actually think of your beer selection

by Reda Wigle

19 signs you learned to drink in Memphis

by Ashley Smith

5 myths about women who travel solo

by Silvia Romão

19 signs you were born and raised in Memphis

by Ashley Smith

7 lies you tell yourself before going into the Peace Corps

by Justin Guerra

14 best places in the world for barbecue

by Shannon Dell

It’s been one year since the devastating Nepal earthquakes. Here’s what it’s like to travel here now.

by Elen Turner

16 thoughts all Indians have when they return from the United States

by Kavya Nankani

30 absurd things that only happen when you live on a boat

by Shelby Huff

14 signs you were born and raised in Bellingham

by Shelby Huff

30 signs you were born and raised in Malaysia

by Vivian Lee Wei Xin

5 ways to guarantee a family roadtrip adventure

by Ingrid McQuivey

16 signs you were born and raised in Houston

by M.L. Miles

11 things I wish I’d known before hiking the Appalachian Trail

by Maggie Wallace

30 photos of the American Southwest we can’t stop looking at

by Ben Adkison

10 signs you’ve been in Nepal too long

by Elen Turner

5 food experiences to have in Korea before you die

by Jordan McCutcheon

Global terrorism is terrifying. Here’s why it makes it more important than ever to travel

by Paige Smith
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