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MatadorU students — both active and alumni of our writing, photography, or filmmaking programs — are becoming the go-to contributors for media outlets, DMOs, and tourism boards around the world. From diverse publication records to prestigious awards, their accomplishments in travel journalism continue to inspire the next generation of writers, photographers, filmmakers, and travelers.

Student Work Articles

15 slang phrases you’ll need to know in South Africa

by Caroline van Looy

9 signs you were born and raised in Manila

by Kate Alvarez

10 truths about traveling on a Eurail pass

by Vanessa Van Doren

5 lies you tell yourself when you move to the Bronx

by Richard Simon

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by Jeremy Ullmann

20 things you didn’t know about Arizona

by Joseph Cyr

7 things Americans can learn from the Vietnamese

by Jacqueline Kehoe

8 comments Spanish people are sick of hearing

by Ana Bulnes

What NOT to do in Colombia

by Simon Willis

11 ways you know you’ve become culturally Australian

by Alisha Starke

7 things Americans can learn from Cubans

by Jordan Reinwald

12 slang phrases Boston gave the rest of America

by Vanessa Van Doren

12 ways to make the most of Big Sky, Montana

by Greta Alms

10 simple rules for not annoying every single person in your hostel at night

by Barbara Litzlfellner

72 things you should never say to your lesbian friend

by Meg Ten Eyck

7 definitive reasons to ditch your group tour

by Carleen Krug

How to piss off a parent on an airplane

by Nina Burakowski

14 signs you’ve brought Cambodian culture home

by Amanda Meyers
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