Travel Photography Tips

Travel photography is about more than simply learning how to take travel photos. Through the articles listed below — as well as the related lessons in the MatadorU Travel Photography course — we provide the information and inspiration needed to go from travel photographer to travel photojournalist.

Travel Photography Tips Articles

Story behind the shot: Kokkinias Beach, Greece

by Petros Mitropolous

Take better travel food photos in 14 images

by Kita Roberts

How to correct perspective distortion in Lightroom

by Daniel Nahabedian

How to create a metadata preset in Lightroom

by Daniel Nahabedian

Story behind the shot: Petra, Jordan

by Jeremy Ullmann

Story behind the shot: The Nomad Games, Kyrgyzstan

by Stephen Lioy

Story behind the shot: Tattoo artist Fang-Od

by Bernice Beltran

24 hour photo mission: Tokyo

by Cassandra O'Leary

Story behind the shot: Playa Guiones, Costa Rica

by Branden Eastwood

Forget the landscape: Start photographing yourself on your travels

by Emma Thieme

Story behind the shot: Giza Pyramids, Egypt

by Rob Kenyon

Tips from the pros: Best apps for your Instagram travel photos

by Stephanie Be

Story behind the shot: Swan dive, Monaco

by Tommy Lane

Story behind the shot: Lost Coast, California

by Joshua Thaisen

7 awesome smartphone photography hacks

by Matt Hershberger

What it takes to become a professional photographer

by Nat Kuleba

How’d you get that shot: Mongolian Contortionist

by Christine Schindler

How to piss off a photographer

by Branden Eastwood
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