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Travel photography is about more than simply learning how to take travel photos. Through the articles listed below — as well as the related lessons in the MatadorU Travel Photography course — we provide the information and inspiration needed to go from travel photographer to travel photojournalist.

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Travel Photography Tips Articles

Story behind the shot: Swan dive, Monaco

by Tommy Lane

Story behind the shot: Lost Coast, California

by Joshua Thaisen

7 awesome smartphone photography hacks

by Matt Hershberger

What it takes to become a professional photographer

by Nat Kuleba

How’d you get that shot: Mongolian Contortionist

by Christine Schindler

How to piss off a photographer

by Branden Eastwood

44 awesome forced perspective-shots every traveler needs in their photo albums

by Alex Scola

In defense of the selfie

by Daniel Baylis

On the ethics of photographing locals

by Christie Long

How to document the trippiest festival in the world: Holi, India

by Kat Clay

On assignment: Notes from a traveling photographer

by Rob Schanz

Notes from a photographer in Varanasi, India

by Andrés Vanegas Canosa

10 tips to shoot better photos on your phone

by Cengiz Yar Jr.

How to get epic photos from your time in nature

by David Miller

Travel photography tip: Intro to landscape photography

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan

The 7 fundamentals of documenting your travels

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan

10 reasons you should shoot film

by Cengiz Yar Jr.

How to use your mobile device to create awesome travel images

by Larissa Olenicoff
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