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Travel photography is about more than simply learning how to take travel photos. Through the articles listed below — as well as the related lessons in the MatadorU Travel Photography course — we provide the information and inspiration needed to go from travel photographer to travel photojournalist.

One of my main reasons for visiting India at this time of year was to photograph the...
Sounds glamourous right? Now that you know one side of it, let me explain the other.
There is a mad and incredibly photogenic atmosphere in the old town of Varanasi.
Lighting is still the most important factor when shooting on your iPhone.
Tips from influential photographer and Matador Ambassador Colby Brown.
One of the harder genres to grasp for many photogs, because the subject is so large.
Don't let the travel memories you make evaporate once you're home.
It can be as frustrating as waiting for a bus in Bangkok, but I love shooting film.
Smartphone photography has become a full-blown global movement.
Should set up shots be seen as artistic expression, or do they make travel journalism...
She talked to me about her next project, centered around Portuguese Fado singers.
Typically, I will scout a location during the day, with a vision in mind of how it will...
Winners of the 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
You'd be amazed how fast a few grains of sand can take down an entire lens.
A selection of standouts from the 2013 Nat Geo Traveler Photo Contest.
9 stereotypical ways people “give away” that they’re just starting out.
A trick pro-documentary photographers use is to give their $6000+ cameras a 'make-under.'
Often extra effort will beget a better story, which makes the photo more meaningful.
Some shots that looked great in camera are dull, lifeless, or overall just…blah.
When you switch to Manual, you must select all three settings of the Exposure Triangle.
In order to fully grasp these options, it's best to just head out and try them all.
Now is the time to bundle up, head north, and go outside with your camera.
Take control of your images by understanding exposure.
It's time to look at how to put these tools to use for your own vision with photography.