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There’s nothing that brings us out more out than concerts, festivals, and big events like Burning Man.

Each year we take our ground level reporting up a level on everything from film festivals like Sundance to huge music festivals like Coachella, SXSW, and Bonnaroo.

At the same time, the biggest stokes of all might just be stumbling upon lesser known, or fully unknown music, and sharing it with the rest of the world.

Look into a world we usually only catch a brief glimpse of as we walk by.
Here are some of the world’s greatest studios.
I think I love this man, despite his Arby's hat.
Is it only random, crazy, unique, and uplifting because I don't speak Japanese?
The Pasola Festival is a human bloodletting ending in a all-out riot.
Here are some massive talents taking it to the next level.
A video depicting how St. Paddy's Day fits into Irish culture and spirit.
Music festivals worldwide are similar. What makes a difference is the location.
The result was a three-day bash on one of the world’s most gorgeous beaches.
Angel Haze slows down to confess her own painful coming out story.
Here's a little of what Brazilian funk can teach you about the country.
In 2014, cast your eyes southwards if you want to reignite a love affair with the genre.
A slow approach to travel is inspiring.
A visit to Memphis is a pilgrimage to the birthplace of all contemporary music.
Break bread, drink chai, recline in the sand, and watch all of India pass you by.
Images from Ullr Fest 2014, which wrapped up just a few days ago.
I almost feel like I can hear which shards spread left and right.
Straight out of Tijuana, Los Macuanos work in a scary genre of beats known as "trival."
It's like sitting through a really boring version of Total Request Live.
Telling a Pearl Jam fan to stop singing is like telling Michael Phelps to stop swimming.
It’s kind of sad how blind people can be to a true artist.
“Maybe it’s not racist here,” my husband said. “It’s a different culture."