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An art festival has a way of transforming a place.

Projects and art exhibitions, work that’s usually hidden away in an artists studio, take their place for a moment out in public, revealing the oftentimes hidden layers of culture in a place.

Matador covers local and international culture and art festivals with ground level reports, interviews with festival organizers and participating artists, and photo essays to help share these places and their culture with our community worldwide.

The Pasola Festival is a human bloodletting ending in a all-out riot.
A video depicting how St. Paddy's Day fits into Irish culture and spirit.
Break bread, drink chai, recline in the sand, and watch all of India pass you by.
Images from Ullr Fest 2014, which wrapped up just a few days ago.
It's like sitting through a really boring version of Total Request Live.
“Maybe it’s not racist here,” my husband said. “It’s a different culture."
Check below for a sneak peek of winter in Quebec City.
It's all part of Shoko Festival; a weeklong celebration of urban culture in Harare,...
Everything from tent selection, where to go and stay, plus key Oktoberfest phraseology.
You can't escape the harsh conditions, which persistently remind you where you are.
Nowhere is radical self-expression better manifested than in Burning Man art.
People should fill up gas in Reno and get ready for miles-long waits to get in.
In a matter of hours, he would be my husband.
One common misconception of Burning Man is that it’s a “barter economy.” It’s not.
You can really find the most absurd shit on the Stampede grounds.
The Kumbh Mela is believed to be the largest gathering of humanity on Earth.
The Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is the longest-running Aboriginal cultural festival...
I hung out with a giant puppet with a head the size of a car.
Surreal life experience #242: Riding an open-top bus in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.
An inter-festival road trip around Africa isn't as straightforward as packing beer into a...
The rules: No throwing opponents to the floor, no rapping, and 3 minutes per poem.
Documenting some of the city's holistic practices and cultural festivities.