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Music festivals worldwide are similar. What makes a difference is the location.
It's all part of Shoko Festival; a weeklong celebration of urban culture in Harare,...
Coachella is the kind of festival that brings in $60 million a year.
Notting Hill Carnival has massive love from so many people in the UK and beyond.
Sure, they may be made up, but can you take the chance and miss out?
Plan before you go if you want to have a kickass campsite.
I still regard missing that Arcade Fire show as one of the biggest regrets of my life.
Check out the Parov Stelar Band's electro-swing. It’ll be a hoot (as they’d say in...
Who knew it was possible to be a hipster about electronic music?
An inter-festival road trip around Africa isn't as straightforward as packing beer into a...
Don’t double dip in Nick Cave. Lou Reed is a big name on the bill, but I wouldn’t...
“Dawson City is a once in a lifetime place and is just about real people having a real...
Pushing the limits of what a "band" can be.
A few months of electronica, garlic bouquets, and random acts of queerness in the Great...
Keep your hat on at one of summer's biggest parties.
For years I've been searching the globe from Somalia to Chechnya to Iraq to Afghanistan.
Snoop + Dre, Jeff Mangum, and something for ravers.
Tom Morello leading an impromptu “Occupy SXSW” movement.