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12 reasons why you should never go to a music festival in Spain

by Ana Bulnes

6 adventures us locals go on in Bulgaria

by Anna Pelova

14 signs you’ve partied at Carnival in Rio

by Kim Merritt

This kid broke into the world’s biggest music festivals and made a movie about it

by Matt Hershberger

26 signs you’ve outgrown music festivals

by Emma Thieme

Around the world in 10 of this year’s top music festivals

by Gaía Passarelli

9+ reasons you need to hit Coachella this year [playlist]

by Kim Schultz

Lowdown on the Limestone City Blues Festival

by Sherel Purcell

This is what it looks like when two Germans shut down a Zimbabwean township

by Dikson

Music festivals are fake and that’s okay

by Colin Heinrich

Why Montreal is the perfect city for a mega music festival

by Candice Walsh

A soundtrack for Notting Hill Carnival

by Dikson

How music festivals are the closest thing to utopia in modern society

by Matt Bonham

This Coachella lineup would absolutely kill

by Andy Verderosa

How to camp at Coachella like a pro

by Colin Heinrich

How to win and lose friends at Coachella

by Colin Heinrich

Playlist for Sunday at Coachella

by Colin Heinrich

SXSW: Waste of money, or indie band ‘rite of passage’?

by Rob Chursinoff
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