Nina Simone, 1976. Photo: hermitosis


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Most bands want the spotlight. Cloud Cult turned it on the struggles and stories of their fans.

by David Miller

10 reasons why music lovers should stay far away from Nashville

by Shannon Dell

This lip-syncing video from rural Russia will make you want to get up and dance

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Watch: The world’s craziest music video, shot from a drone – all in one take

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The late summer playlist, 2014

by Anne Hoffman

Watch a Western busker tear it up in Seoul

by Matt Hershberger

Dive into the music scenes of the world’s coolest cities

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Here’s the music people are rocking in Latin America

by Anne Hoffman

The only DJ in the bush

by Dikson

How to piss off a DJ

by Alex Scola

10 countries as defined by their most radical music [playlist]

by Anne Hoffman

You’ll never look at street performers the same way

by Matt Hershberger

15 of the world’s most legendary recording studios

by Matt Hershberger

“Happy” videos make Pharrell cry

by Rory Moulton

5 reasons musicians make the best travelers

by Joe Batruny

What comes out of this Italian nun’s mouth will completely blow you away

by Katka Lapelosov√°

The next generation of beatboxers blowing up around the world

by Anne Hoffman

Music to celebrate the veto of Arizona’s anti-gay bill

by Anne Hoffman
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