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Matador’s photo essays include work by award-winning photographers who tell stories that evoke deep emotions about place and culture.

From moving essays on threatened regions and the daily struggle faced by native peoples around the world, to spectacular series on sports, food, and nightlife around the world, these shots examine people’s lives and cultures at ground level.

We walked into the deserted arena, hallucinating dark shapes around us.
A story of Blackness that is empowered by self-identification.
The region has been off limits to all but the hardiest trekkers.
To experience South America, take the first turnoff and hit the countryside.
Haines is arguably the best place in the world for heli-skiing.
Churchill, Canada is positioned near the world's largest concentration of polar bears.
After eight days, I thought I was going to miss them again, until a miracle happened.
500 people converge on Valdez each spring to rip some classic Alaskan terrain.
Trying to describe what Dead Vlei looks like in words is no easy task.
I was looking for an escape to somewhere warm and photogenic.
Just preparing for a winter road trip up the ALCAN is a feat in itself.
A weekend in the one of the few remaining legit Colorado ski towns.
Four feet of fresh powder in the Monashees of British Columbia.
We expected to spend a few weeks here. We stayed a year and a half.
Urban free climbing is a horrifying extreme sport where daredevils climb skyscrapers.
Photographing subjects with diverse belief systems can broaden one’s spiritual...
“The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being.”
It’s not exactly the glamorous destination it was in Bob’s days.
A 1300km road trip through Namibia — all “self drive,” no guides.
Rosenfield’s series draws attention to the universal insecurities faced by all humans.
There's simply no better place to be when it snows.
The pitched battle between protestors and police continues in central Kiev.
It's a beautiful life on the far southern edge of the world.
Break bread, drink chai, recline in the sand, and watch all of India pass you by.
Your mind seems to slow and sync with the speed of the drivetrain.
Images range from a mattress outside Rome to a bedroom filled with crowns and sashes.