Photo Essay

Matador’s photo essays include work by award-winning photographers who tell stories that evoke deep emotions about place and culture.

From moving essays on threatened regions and the daily struggle faced by native peoples around the world, to spectacular series on sports, food, and nightlife around the world, these shots examine people’s lives and cultures at ground level.

Photo Essay Articles

20 images to inspire your Quebec wanderlust

by Yancy Caldwell

21 Reasons You Should Never Go to Oregon

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan

Earth from above: Incredible aerial pictures of the world’s great landmarks

by Amos Chapple

20 looks at summertime adventure in Quebec

by Wyatt Caldwell

11 images that prove Mount Rainier National Park is one of the most underrated places in the USA

by Brad Mitchell

Foodie paradise: Vancouver’s Granville Market

by Jett and Kathryn Britnell

7 reasons kids need cameras

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan

You don’t know a place until you know its people. Meet Myanmar in these 10 images.

by Ryan Skelton

A portrait of Yosemite’s free spirits

by Ibrahim Centindemir

Amazing photos show that Borneo’s “sea gypsies” are the happiest people on the planet

by Matt Hershberger

16 images that show just how insane the Holi festival in Utah can get

by Michael Bonocore

These photos of a lost Mongolian tribe are incredible

by Matt Hershberger

These images of a deserted Paris are haunting and otherworldly

by Genaro Bardy

12 images that show the grit and beauty of Myanmar

by Ryan Skelton

What St. Patrick’s Day looks like in Dublin

by Scott Sporleder

From Lisbon to Lagos – why Portugal is the ultimate road trip

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan

Jaw-dropping aerial shots of Fiji’s Great Sea Reef

by Juergen and Stella Freund

14 images that show why I’m proud to live in the Pacific Northwest

by Brad Mitchell
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