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Matador produces both independent and co-branded series, as well as showcases for our favorite mutimedia series from around the world.

You're physically separated by a bar. That's an indication of how it's meant to be.
Please don't assume you have any idea what's best for someone else's body.
Making Latvian friends is harder than just not peeing on sacred monuments.
Pretend to be an expert on 'Belgian waffles.'
"You're Jamaican? Awesome - I love Bob Marley!"
Step 1: Write an article about how to piss off a Hungarian.
I can tell you exactly what'll make your flight attendant a lot more unpleasant.
Everything pisses off New Yorkers, so we're allowed to be perpetually pissed off.
Move to DC for two years to work up in your career, and then leave.
"I want a book...from that author...the title has ‘wind’ in it..."
We do not give a flying fuck if you have some sort of Welsh ancestry.
As if the patriarchy wasn't enough to be mad about already.
Advise them to take a blood test, mention that they do look quite pale, and furrow your...
It doesn't usually take much to enrage a French person; we are a hot-blooded people.
“So, where in the world is Maastricht, anyway??”
Go into a not Starbucks and order a “caramel macchiato.”