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"If I had made the podium on that day, I would've made the US Ski Team."
Mission #1: Help construct a clean-water well in the Chimborazo province.
The Gypsies embark, despite having never held an iceaxe or worn crampons before.
The Gypsies get a quite thorough, semi-nude blessing in preparation for Cotopaxi.
Matador is stoked to bring you their story in its entirety, beginning with the trailer.
Moreland isn’t intimidated by solitude or shy about challenging her physical limits.
This June, the first team of African-American climbers will attempt the summit.
“At 22 you aren’t very introspective,” Roberts told the audience.
At Matador, we are proud of publishing articles that celebrate strong, groundbreaking...
Champion freeskier Drew Tabke is off to a solid start to the season.
From life and death in the pit at Puerto, to Galapagos sharks, to the frigid waters of...
On Sherpas, making history, and what it feels like to unzip your tent at 26,000ft.
What Matador Ambassadors pack to push limits in the field.
Robin Esrock delves into the shady underworld of travel's most secret society.
Once someone reaches a certain level, the separation between 'work' and 'life' disappears.
The SURFER mag regular is now a legit Matadorian.
The goal with all my expeditions is to try to connect people with places.
A group of 7 year-old footballers with an endearing losing streak.
It made me curious about how the landscape has changed for women in soccer and sports in...
Jeret "Speedy" Peterson, creator of the Hurricane, died Monday.
Except for the fact that I look little a more in-shape than before and am several days...
I mean, they still were like, “No one makes a living as photographer.” They were...
Eva Holland interviews filmmaker Taylor Steele of "Castles in the Sky," winner of...
My expectation was that most their non-profits would focus on keeping kids active and...