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Matadorians are fired up on camping for many reasons: as a way to get closer to nature and wild spaces, as a cheap option for accommodation during travel, as a path living more simply.

We’ve got guides on the best campsites in Patagonia, stories of camps pitched during backcountry visa runs, advice for how to live and camp out of your car, and picks for the gear you’ll need when you’re out under the rain fly.

These five functional and sustainable housing units provide direct access to nature.
The Airstream was loaded with food, beer, and snowboarding gear.
How you pack food can make all the difference once you're miles into the wilderness.
To help people, empower them and support them to find answers for themselves.
This I know: Instructions are for suckers.
Novelty is around every curve in the trail.
Spent a night or two in the mountains of Oregon, under the swirling stars.
The top of the world, the Arctic is both beautiful and deadly.
Mike Corey camps inside the Great Wall of China.
The National Parks, with their curated trails and splendid vistas, are still part of the...
MatadorU students Karin-Marijke Vis and Coen Wubbels line out 5 spots to pitch primitive...
My first experience cramping up mountain biking was met with a slimy ziplock bag of...
A cheap, simple alternative to fancy gas-powered stoves that you can make yourself.
Deserts are full of interesting plants and animals, and their big, dramatic vistas always...
Here are five quick and not-so-dirty tips to reduce your footprint on the trails.
Here’s how you can score a job that’s more like camping with friends than actual work.
Stepping onto a trail with everything you need provides a unique kind of freedom.
I've learned more about camping from surf-trips than anything else. The reason is simple:...
Park up, pour a glass, and enjoy the colorful end to another day.
Here are some of the coolest campers you've never heard of.
Wintertime invites travel and exploration throughout the desert Southwest, but heads up:...