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The Matador community is full of climbers, and the Network has produced guides on how to improve technique, highlights of sick routes around the world, profiles of the professionals that inspire us, and coverage from competitions where the best of the best go at it.

Check out our articles on how to improve your climbing through yoga, 6 basics for bouldering, the best harnesses for women, and our interview with Chris Sharma.

The openness and passion you’ll find in climbing communities is something we respect at Matador, and mirrors what we try to bring to our own community of travelers.

My typical day as a professional rock climber was going to change.
I had done all the moves. I just needed another chance or two or five.
The views these guys picked up along the way are beyond epic.
It would be a sort of milestone in my climbing career.
Goats engage in increasingly bizarre and perilous feats of climbing.
My guess is you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from his every deliberate move.
But I wasn’t prepared for the lifestyle reboot I was about to receive.
I have no choice but to trust my friends and the movement of the planet and to get on...
“I think we’re in for a long day," Emily said with a nervous laugh.
This June, the first team of African-American climbers will attempt the summit.
I tried one way. It wasn’t the way. I tried another. I almost fell.
Being rock climbers, we travel the world seeking the best climbing.
It was just about dark now. There would be no room for any serious error.
Matador Ambassador Griffin Post climbs the Grand Teton in a single-day assault.
" I decided I would take a year off and just throw myself completely at climbing and...
Seven spots near Muscat to suffer the exquisite agony of a great climb.
On Sherpas, making history, and what it feels like to unzip your tent at 26,000ft.
You'll never hear Honnold admit that what he's climbing is "a big deal.
The park has 586 routes on 63 crags with grades ranging from Class 3 to 5.14a.
I started rock climbing last summer. I wish I'd started when I was in diapers.
Paul Robinson crushes a V15 boulder route in Red Rock Canyon.
I was 15 years old the first time I went climbing.
Alex Honnold free solos Sentinel Rock in Yosemite National Park.