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The Matador community is full of climbers, and the Network has produced guides on how to improve technique, highlights of sick routes around the world, profiles of the professionals that inspire us, and coverage from competitions where the best of the best go at it.

Check out our articles on how to improve your climbing through yoga, 6 basics for bouldering, the best harnesses for women, and our interview with Chris Sharma.

The openness and passion you’ll find in climbing communities is something we respect at Matador, and mirrors what we try to bring to our own community of travelers.

Climbing Articles

Making home with Alex Honnold

by Matador Media House

Meet the guys who Snapchatted their climb up Everest

by Matt Hershberger

Meet the first Mexican woman to climb all of the world’s highest mountains

by Amanda Machado

This video shows why mountaineering on Baffin Island is straight-up hell

by Rory Moulton

Watch climber Daniel Woods make use of impossibly tiny holds to send this bouldering problem

by Rory Moulton

30 photos from Nepal we can’t stop looking at

by Ben Adkison

Watch: Feel the uphill burn and downhill bliss of ski-mountaineering the Grand Teton

by Rory Moulton

Watch this climber pull off one of Poland’s craziest bouldering problems

by Rory Moulton

Is rock-climbing a “white” sport? These epic climbers of color are proving otherwise

by Amanda Machado

17 of the world’s best cities for rock climbers

by Carlo Alcos

These are the world’s most-stunning big wall climbs

by Atlas & Boots

Check out this 2-year-old Japanese kid who can kick your ass at rock climbing

by Cathy Brown

A love letter to Mt Rainier

by Brynn Utela

Photographer’s guide to shooting rock climbers

by Ben Horton

Mountaineering calendar: When to climb the world’s greatest mountains

by Atlas & Boots

Eight-thousanders: The 14 highest peaks in the world

by Atlas & Boots

10 compelling reasons to keep climbing in the winter months

by Ben Horton

Want to climb Uluru? Here’s why you should reconsider

by Shannon Dell
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