Whether we’re talking about a daily commute, weekends with the mountain bike out on the trails, or a multi-month international cycle tour, Matador is stoked on cycling.

We put together guides on everything from where to find the most bike-friendly cities to what you need to know to cycle the length of Vietnam’s Highway 1. We’ve also got personal stories and photos from cyclists on the road, competition and athlete profiles, and shots of some really freaky custom bikes.

The breadth of knowledge on this topic within the Matador community is large — dig in to see what you can find.

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Cycling Articles

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The 360° bike cam is trippy and awesome

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Follow along on an Alaska-to-Argentina bike ride with a cause

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The art of travel by bicycle

by Hal Amen

Is bicycling a civil rights issue?

by Elly Blue

Riding the trails of Mt. Shasta, California [vid]

by Shon Bollock

The innovation that may just get YOU commuting by bike

by Katka Lapelosa

Red Bull athlete pushes the limits of what can be done on a mountain bike

by Alyssa James

Mountain bike vs. dirt bike in the Idaho mountains

by Wyatt Caldwell

Cycling from sea to sky: The RBC GranFondo Whistler ride

by Klaus Komenda
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