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Whether we’re talking about a daily commute, weekends with the mountain bike out on the trails, or a multi-month international cycle tour, Matador is stoked on cycling.

We put together guides on everything from where to find the most bike-friendly cities to what you need to know to cycle the length of Vietnam’s Highway 1. We’ve also got personal stories and photos from cyclists on the road, competition and athlete profiles, and shots of some really freaky custom bikes.

The breadth of knowledge on this topic within the Matador community is large — dig in to see what you can find.

It looks like he's riding his bike around on a very tiny planet.
Your mind seems to slow and sync with the speed of the drivetrain.
Much of bicycle advocacy has been geared (statistically speaking) to the needs of men.
Here's a short video highlighting some of my favorite trails with the local rippers up...
Locations once impossibly far suddenly became accessible.
The toughest part came past the 70km marker, when the climbing began.
You'll run into some dogs, but just try to ignore them and kick them hard if they follow...
“Okay, Shannon, we race?” he asked with a smile.
Tom Donhou thinks he can go 100 mph on his custom-built bicycle.
Each print labels the type of person you could be, based on the style of bike you like.
I'm not sure I'd ever drive through Yellowstone; on a bike, I felt like I was going too...
Some of the most creative bicycle designs you'll ever see.
He managed to inflate the tire with a misfit pump and a rubber band.
The Road is more than just paved earth. It’s life unedited.
Building bikes with recycled parts seemed like the only honest approach.
If we wanted to see a sweaty bastard gripping handlebars, we’d watch the Tour de France.
Biking PEI is easy (no hills) and safe (bike paths everywhere).
Hellgate Cyclery owner Dave Hartman gives you the skinny on opening a bike shop.
It took two years for Shea to realize that riding a bike is a form of sanity.
Riders of all abilities will be able to put together a sweet route.
A week biking around PEI ensures plenty of Instagram stoke.
Afghanistan is one of the few countries where women aren't allowed to ride bikes.
I can't believe all he got at the end of it was two fist bumps.