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BASE jumping, extreme cliff diving, kite surfing, skayaking (sea-kayaking), rock climbing without ropes, ultramarathons – if there’s a way to push the limits in the sports world, Matador likely has contributors who’ve done it.

Matador has crazy up-close and personal helmet cam clips, photo essays of death-defying maneuvers, and recommendations of where to go for your own adrenaline rush.

Trubridge's approach seems more zen and meditative than athletic.
Wingsuit flyers have mad skills and a nonchalant attitude towards the afterlife.
This new wave of explorers must risk their lives to capture the cities we know.
Only go skydiving with a couple of extremely competent, loyal, and ballsy friends.
He's got some great vertigo-inducing footage, but it will come at a price.
Urban free climbing is a horrifying extreme sport where daredevils climb skyscrapers.
“Don’t try this at home” doesn’t even come close to a disclaimer.
Every time I've gone paragliding, I've just been pulled by a boat, or attached by a line...
"Sometimes you have to be up really understand how small you are."
A short reminder of some of the truly outstanding and impressive things we do.
This literally makes me feel sick to my stomach watching this.
I have the comfort of knowing that I'll never do that crazy shit myself.
It’s a strange thing, being friends with people who live so close to the edge.
There's more water in this Scandinavian country than anywhere else in the world.
Why someone would want to fly on a contraption made of nylon and Neoprene, I have no idea.
I get the gist: she can fly using an umbrella.
It's mind-boggling how far extreme sports have come in such a relatively small amount of...
This human slingshot is available to the public at the Hobble Creek Lodge.
On May 5th, Valery Rozov leapt from a peak 23,690 feet above sea level.
Ben uses his passion and talents to inspire others. His contributions are tangible.
This depicts exactly the kind of climber I am not
The film appears to be centered on the psyche of the adventurer.