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Extreme Sports

BASE jumping, extreme cliff diving, kite surfing, skayaking (sea-kayaking), rock climbing without ropes, ultramarathons – if there’s a way to push the limits in the sports world, Matador likely has contributors who’ve done it.

Matador has crazy up-close and personal helmet cam clips, photo essays of death-defying maneuvers, and recommendations of where to go for your own adrenaline rush.

Extreme Sports Articles

16 winter experiences you need to have in the Canadian Rockies before you die

by Matt Mosteller

Watch this soaring paraglider silhouetted against the Northern Lights

by Carlo Alcos

Meet the guys who flew to Mexico, climbed a mountain, and skied down it in one weekend

by Matt Hershberger

Watching these masters of BASE jumping, paragliding, and wingsuit flying all converging over Utah will leave you breathless

by Carlo Alcos

Watch RedBull’s skateboarders shred the world in 2015

by Carlo Alcos

Meet the man who beat cancer and then won the world’s most grueling race — 4 times

by Matt Hershberger

Why cow-loving India wants to keep bullfighting

by Nimisha Jaiswal

SUP and surf mission at Big Sur: 7 defining moments

by Ben Horton

I paraglided 10,000 kms across Canada. Here are the amazing things I saw.

by Benjamin Jordan

8 signs you grew up spending the holidays in a family of extreme athletes

by Courtney Ridgway

10 things that happen when you move to Whistler

by Paul Porter

53 times people were absolutely awesome in 2015

by Matt Hershberger

14ers to climb before you die

by Brian Lewis

Check out Danny Macaskill shredding the rooftops of Cascadia on his bike

by Cathy Brown

16 Coloradan adventure athletes killing it on the world stage

by Brian Lewis

Audio engineer records the sounds of paragliding and the result is unreal

by Ailsa Ross

Check this crazy dude descending a via ferrata on a mountain bike

by Ailsa Ross

Speedriding combines skis, a paragliding wing, and a mountain. And it’s unreal.

by Ailsa Ross
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