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I think it was trying to impale the fisherman that hooked it.
I see a dry erase board inside that has “volunteers wanted” written on it.
Thousands of miles from those early memories, I am still entranced by the hook and line.
By day five, I looked less like a wizard with a wand, and more like an angler.
I wore them to the grocery store and got no more strange looks than normal.
The challenge is always in organizing the flies for easy access.
After watching this film, I considered tossing my laptop into the nearest river.
A kid and his dad walked up with a three-foot fishing pole.
Baby turtles are just pecan-sized gang members.
If you were a surgeon, this would be your scrub nurse.
It’s all adrenaline and ‘attaboys’ when I pull a keeper out of a winter current.
I kept my cool. The boat was steady. I coerced the fish to the kayak with one hand.
Thought all you needed was a hook and fishing pole?
On a typical evening, I would set out west of the cafe, cross-country hiking over the...
"We don't know what the future holds, but the beaches look beautiful, and good vibes will...
When it comes to winter angling in Montana, not everyone thinks of augers and ice...
The serious, pleasurable work of catching fish from the end of an elegant cast starts in...