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Whether canoeing a flatwater stretch of river such as the Flathead (pictured above), kayaking steep, inaccessible canyons and creeks, or using oar-rigs for big multi-day float trips, paddling is all about access to places you couldn’t any other way than being on the water.

As with other adventure sports such as skiing and snowboarding, new innovations in technique and equipment has led to dynamic progressions in paddling over the last 10 years. Enormous rapids, 50 or even 100 + foot waterfalls: what was once considered “unrunnable” by previous generations is now paddled under control by the latest generation of expert boaters.

Open boats are simply bigger; their center of gravity is higher.
Even back when I first traveled there in 2001, people said to watch out for...
There's more water in this Scandinavian country than anywhere else in the world.
Running man-made shit in a kayak (dams, whitewater parks) usually isn't all that cool.
Australia’s largest national park island and part of the Great Barrier Reef World...
It's not an affront to those who've suffered in this storm; it's simply another way to...
Huge ups to Evan Garcia who won Canoe and Kayak Paddler of the Year.
One of the best sea kayaking destinations in Australia, it remains very low profile for...
Moreland isn’t intimidated by solitude or shy about challenging her physical limits.
It is basically a class V paddling safari through Uganda’s largest national park.
If you live in, eat in, or visit the United States, you're connected to the Colorado...
On May 8th, 2012, we set off on our 2,600-mile, 130-day expedition.
"We better get in lightning position,” he said between cracks of thunder and lightning...
The Stikine holds some of the biggest, gnarliest whitewater on planet earth.
Matador Ambassador Evan Garcia launches his new film production company.
Calm waters, thousands of tiny islands, and miles of sunshine splashed coastline.
The Ganga might well be the busiest rafting river in the world.
Preservation is working -- Palau is wild.
A mission to the big waves and stoked community of the Ottawa River Valley.
Matador Ambassador Evan Garcia kayaks some of Norway's steepest rivers and biggest...
After a week following a scripted itinerary, I just wanted to be alone.
Even bush planes can’t land in the middle of nowhere.
"No one but yourself can teach you how to run big drops..."
GoPro's latest video features Matador Ambassador Shon Bollock.
Lake Superior is fed by over 200 tributaries.
Griffin Post explains how to surf the Snake River in Wyoming.