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Sailing Articles

15 differences between a normal friend and a boat friend

by Shelby Huff

These guys surf some of the most fun water features on earth, and the way they reach them is amazing

by Rory Moulton

This guy’s life aboard a wooden boat just takes travel to a whole different level

by Matt Hershberger

20 reasons why sailors are the best people to travel with

by Loretta Maticke

7 things you don’t want to know about boat life

by Shelby Huff

Meet the youngest person to sail solo around the world

by Matt Hershberger

20 portraits from the enduring Caribbean

by Daniel Chafer

20 signs you’ve been a yachtie for too long

by Abby Gallagher

5 things you learn about yourself living on a boat

by Emma Thieme

The Yacht Week Thailand: Charting the route [pics]

by Katie Scott Aiton

I made a makeshift raft and illegally floated the Danube

by Jamie Bowlby-Whiting

What it looks like to sail Italy’s Aeolian Islands

by Christian Giarrizzo

What it’s like to sail the Great Barrier Reef [pics]

by Emanuel Wetterqvist

Sailing the Greek Islands [video postcard]

by Josh Heller

Aeolian Islands, Italy [video postcard]

by Josh Heller

These sailboats are so fast you need helmets

by David Miller

16-year-old Laura Dekker sails around the world

by Benita Hussain

How to: Sail the Darien Gap

by Cody Forest Doucette
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