Snowsports include all forms of skiing, snowboarding, and an ever increasing progression of offshoots and hybrids such as jibbing (riding urban features such as benches or rails, adopted from skateboarding) and speedracing.

While much of skiing and snowboarding takes place in designated ski areas or resorts, backcountry or sidecountry (sometimes known as slackcountry) skiing / snowboarding is closer to the roots of skiing, literally using skis and / or a combination of snowshoes or a spiltboard setup as a method of travel, of traversing terrain.

Advances in technology, equipment, and the incorporation of sky sports skills such as paragliding and B.A.S.E. jumping, have pushed modern skiing and snowboarding into a realm that previously existed only in people’s imaginations: literally flying down mountains, launching off cliffs hundreds of feet tall, and soaring over valleys and glacial features.

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