Maui. Photo: Randy Son Of Robert


Surfing is one of the world’s oldest sports (with European sailors having observed surfers in Polynesia in the 18th century) and one of the most unique in the way that it’s developed into worldwide culture. It can be argued that no other sport, possibly with the exception of snowsports or paddling, is such a pure expression of how one interacts with his/her local environment. A common surf adage is “the best surfer is the one having the most fun.”

Traveling to explore and surf new breaks is a classic of modern surfing. This search for waves and the culture of surf in general has been exceptionally well-documented compared to other sports.

Our community of contributors, many of whom are surfers, pay homage to this tradition with ground level stories about surfing all over the world, articles about how to get started surfing, and photo essays that show local crews dedicated to the sport.

Surf Articles

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