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Surfing is one of the world’s oldest sports (with European sailors having observed surfers in Polynesia in the 18th century) and one of the most unique in the way that it’s developed into worldwide culture. It can be argued that no other sport, possibly with the exception of snowsports or paddling, is such a pure expression of how one interacts with his/her local environment. A common surf adage is “the best surfer is the one having the most fun.”

Traveling to explore and surf new breaks is a classic of modern surfing. This search for waves and the culture of surf in general has been exceptionally well-documented compared to other sports.

Our community of contributors, many of whom are surfers, pay homage to this tradition with ground level stories about surfing all over the world, articles about how to get started surfing, and photo essays that show local crews dedicated to the sport.

Barney Miller is different from most Australian surfers: He's quadriplegic.
And why you as a traveler owe it to yourself to visit OBX.
The story of surfing's most non-conformist shaper.
If it is done correctly, surfing should add to everything else in your life.
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True travelers, like true surfers, are never satisfied. Never finished.
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Watch this and tell me you don't want to go to Indonesia.
The wave feels much more like a river wave than an ocean wave.
Everyone knows you can use duct tape to fix just about anything.
I see a dry erase board inside that has “volunteers wanted” written on it.
With the storm came the swell, pouring down the sand point at Snapper Rocks.
Just outside a natural harbor lies a sandbank that is a wonder of ocean symmetry.
There has never been collaboration on this scale in New Zealand before.
As you read this, there are waves that are going unridden.
"Tricky exit, shallow reef, evil out-going currents, and wave-starved rippers,” they...
On any given day, somewhere in Nicaragua, it’s going off.
Bodysurfers seem to blend into the ocean's landscape.
Filmmakers Band-Originale nail the emotion of a big-wave session.
I got into surfing at an early age; I didn’t consider the long-term effects.
For new writers, there's a lot more to write about than the world tour and Kelly Slater.
Friends were selling their surf clothing line. I got my favorite mango habanero jam.
You’ve surfed the North Shore’s Pipe, and you’ve surfed Mexico’s Pipe, but what...