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At Matador, we go ground level with team sports, like playing pickup football in Paris, working as a ref, and half-time entertainment at a basketball game.

We also report on world events like the Olympics and the World Cup or more niche sports like Jamaican dogsledding and laundry badnminton.

And we have the controversial – which is tougher: rugby vs. American football, soccer coaches we’d like to canonize and those we’d like to excommunicate, and more.

It's easy to root for a team that has won the World Series 27 times.
Putin and China considered their Olympics to be a public relations coup.
I wasn't impressed by curling until I saw this awesome David Attenborough video.
We'll be using the global press coverage to protest FIFA and President Dilma.
Dale Hansen has some words for Michael Sam's critics. And we should all listen.
Here's what every gringo should know before making the trip this summer.
It’s Colorado vs. Washington: “Clash of the Tokers.”
Watching the Super Bowl abroad is a sad echo of watching it at home.
This trailer for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics scares the crap out of me.
Does his gymnastics training allow for the ball to be thrown harder, faster and with more...
The World Cup draw this week means World Cup fever is about to take over.
The history of the NFL's Thanksgiving Classic, from the 1930s until today.
I found myself feeling completely unprepared, despite my hockey-loving pedigree.
It was literally the ice-breaker with the kids next door.
Even if you don’t follow football.
Juma was a Chelsea man, while we were for Tottenham.
Roadtripping with dad through the Sonoran Desert to a baseball game in Phoenix.
The nucleus of futbol culture will always be Brazil.
At a local sports bar, we screamed at TV screens and got really drunk.
“What else is new,” the striker chuckled as he jogged back into position.
This young Egyptian kid sure knows how to handle his balls.
"We will just work on developing his shooting skills during training."
Chances are, Solo's commercial viability will help propel organizational recognition of...