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Soccer (football) is one of the world’s most loved sports, and playing and watching the sport brings people together worldwide.

At Matador, we follow World Cup action. We’ve also found the world’s rowdiest soccer stadiums, traced the history of the bicycle kick, analyzed the men’s vs. women’s game, and picked our own saintly soccer coaches.

We'll be using the global press coverage to protest FIFA and President Dilma.
Here's what every gringo should know before making the trip this summer.
Does his gymnastics training allow for the ball to be thrown harder, faster and with more...
The World Cup draw this week means World Cup fever is about to take over.
It was literally the ice-breaker with the kids next door.
Even if you don’t follow football.
Juma was a Chelsea man, while we were for Tottenham.
The nucleus of futbol culture will always be Brazil.
“What else is new,” the striker chuckled as he jogged back into position.
This young Egyptian kid sure knows how to handle his balls.
"We will just work on developing his shooting skills during training."
Chances are, Solo's commercial viability will help propel organizational recognition of...
A group of 7 year-old footballers with an endearing losing streak.
The claw marks on my sweaty back stung as my teammates’ arms pressed around me.
Nine out of ten England Premier League games will take place this weekend.
Japan wins women's FIFA World Cup in penalty shoot out.
Morgan deBoer reflects on how politics and soccer collide on an Egyptian soccer pitch.
Megan Wood recounts her first experience with soccer in Asunción.
With attendance at their games dwindling, an Italian soccer team comes up with an unusual...
The coach threw a football shirt and boots at my feet and watched impatiently as I pulled...
Paul has spoken. Or at least chosen which mussel to eat first.
A Washington Post columnist called soccer a "socialist sport." Adam says he's wrong.
Scientists say that Adidas' new ball behaves unpredictably at high speeds.
Nike's "Write the Future" commercial is writing some star athletes out of World Cup...
I want the jeers and energy and tacos and booze to penetrate the leathery membrane of my...