Gunung Tahan, Malaysia. Photo: hadriaswad

Trekking + Exploring

Essentially a modern version of the most ancient form of travel, trekking refers to traversing various distances of backcountry terrain or wilderness, typically on foot, carrying one’s gear in backpacks (backpacking), and camping along the way, although other forms exist as well, such as using pack animals and sleeping in shelters or huts.

Oftentimes treks are involved in the approaches to mountains or other climbing objectives, as well as other forms of wilderness exploration such as canyoneering. Many people “go trekking” however, as its own activity, and trekking tours are commonly offered as travel packages, with Nepal being the classic example.

Included in this topic are other forms of wilderness exploration including caving (or spelunking), canyoneering, as well as adventure racing and geocaching.

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